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I’m new to this forum although contribute to other Thyroid related forums elsewhere.

I’ve been on 100mcg Thyroxine and 20mcg of Liothyronine since first diagnosed in 2001. I was referred to BRI in 2014 as local CCG red listed Liothyronine and GP no longer able to prescribe it. Saw the consultant DR T at Endocrine Clinic who agreed to previous prescription as satisfied I had a clear need for T3 (feel like death warmed up on T4 only). Everything was fine until...........

Went to order my repeat prescription from BRI last week and told that they have now introduced a “blanket ban” on new AND existing patients receiving T3 - now had this confirmed in writing (reason given is that research in not conclusive that T3 works).

No form of prior assessment or contact from consultant - T3 stopped forthwith and I have none left. Awaiting an appointment with consultant but August is the earliest!

Just thought folks should be aware of this. By the way, I am a very fit 65 year old that does a lot of long distant cycling although now beginning to feel decidedly lethargic and wasted!

PS Anyone able to suggest T3 friendly NHS consultants in North Somerset area?!

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Has your GP refused to prescribe ? My husband saw a Consultant at BRI and she reluctantly agreed to T3, none of them like T3 ! anyway he gets his scripts from our GP.

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GP used to prescribe T3 but CCG red listed it and only to be prescribed by a consultant, hence why referred to BRI in 2015. The whole T3 situation is ludicrous and of NHS making - patient’s are an after-thought!


Write to your MP and to Lord O'Shaughnessy

This is directly against NHS guidelines. You were deemed to have clinical need by NHS endocrinologist


Make a nuisance of yourself at GP surgery. Insist on retested for thyroid levels and vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Clear legal outline that your GP can prescribe

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Have already emailed Lord O’Shaunessy and await his response. Will take your advice regarding GP (got appointment next week). Have now raised a formal complaint with BRI as well. Going to try and see MP if I can, if not will write. Thanks for advice and links.

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You might consider doing DIO2 gene test.

Link to questions in the House of Commons or House of Lords

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