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Good afternoon, please could someone send me a private message , detailing where I can get NDT from. I saw an Endocrinologist last Friday, and he actually suggested I try some but emphasized he cannot prescribe it. But currently on levothyroxine. Only taking 50 mcg as only started earlier this year, but TSH 47.3. (0.27 -4.20) gone up from 44. My T4 is 7.62 (12.00-22.00) and T3 4.42. (3.10-6.80). I understand that it will have to be a PM as not allowed to show suppliers. Just feel rubbish, Thank you

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If anyone can help Paulannttsmn please respond by Private Message as requested as we can't name suppliers on the open forum.

I will close the post to replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here.

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