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NDT only to Levo/Ndt to levo only and wanting to go back to combo


Hi ...haven’t been here for months as I’ve been away experimenting with meds/doses ...then checking bloods ....without going into lots of detail I have found that for me my best bloodwork and mores the point best health wise /feeling good has been on a 1.5 grain ndt/25mg levothyroxine combination ....My question is for anyone who can advise is can I just switch from 100mg levo straight back to my levo/ndt combo ?or will I have to start from scratch again like I had when first switching from levo to ndt ie low and slow due to the t3 in it ?or does it not matter as I’ve been there before and know that I totally tolerated it ?many thanks

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I would think you could go straight into the final dose as you are not coming from a hypo state

But hopefully someone with more experience can advise

I’d always be careful because of the short action of T3. But there’s only about 10mcg T3 in the NDT equivalent of 100 mcg Levothyroxine so should be ok.

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