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Best value tests for full thyroid panel and saliva cortisol & DHEA to order today


Hi all,

Medichecks seems to be the cheapest for thyroid panel inc FT3 and RT3 as it includes postage.

But have also found genova do cortisol & DHEA.

Is this the best route to go down?

Really want to order today so advice appreciated ASAP.

Just had all my vits and minerals blood tests done at the doctors.

Thanks thyroidies! X

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For adrenals you really need cortisol plus DHEA so look at Genova or Regenerus as Medichecks doesn't include DHEA.

Thanks for the reply!!

Is this the right adrenal one from regenerus? Adrenal Function (HOR05) it's £78 x

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lillie23

Yes that's right. Did you see it on ThyroidUK's main website

Mention TUK when ordering and they get a donation :)

Thankyou so much :). Can I get any more money off the £99 thyroid panel on medichecks? X

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lillie23

A member posted this code for 20% off yesterday, worth trying it


Thanks will give it a go :). Is it best to still miss thyroid meds for 1 day beforehand? And should I do anything different for the Cortisol? X

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lillie23

Yes, for thyroid meds take last dose of Levo 24 hours before you do the test (if taking T3 or NDT it's 12 hours). Do the test as early as possible in the morning, no later than 9am and delay breakfast until after test.

For the adrenal test, there will be an instruction leaflet and a form to complete where you can give details of certain meds, etc, so those would be taken into account.

Thanks, have booked medichecks-will do the other one tomorrow. I really appreciate your advice and friendliness x

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lillie23

Did the code work?

It didn't, no. But it was £99 on offer so that's probably why. Wouldn't let me put a friends code in either

If you order a saliva test (or any other test) from Genova be aware that how to order and how to get your results are rather weird. Genova avoids dealing directly with patients as much as possible, apparently on orders from their parent company in the US. (They didn't used to be like this!) For full instructions :

Hope that helps.

Lillie23 in reply to humanbean

Thanks for this, yes I did notice it was a bit confusing! Not what we need with scrambled brains lol. I'm going to go with regenerus I think- will give them a call tomorrow :) thanks humanbean

I just read thru your thread, it's exactly what I was ? You asked 4 me, the you! All info, just what I needed to follow up. My go, after 1yr, knowing I've been hypo, but without "better" increases, in fact opposite! And still on 50mg meds, I asked new bloodwork to include everything this site asks...i got paperwork for lab to draw, t4 & Tag only!! What the heck, right? This site is saving my sanity with info & new report w site info, info u asked next dr., appt end of July, I pray, hope, anything for a bit of my old self again. Old friends haven't hung around, on my own to battle this dreadful, energy eating diease. Thk u, for asking, what I was thinking! 🌺🌞

I'm so pleased it helped. Everyone is great on here. I hope we can get a bit back to normal too. Even on t3 I'm not well. Yep I feel the same way with family and friends- think you are just being lazy etc. I'm hoping with these new tests and vitamins and minerals supplements I can feel a bit more human :). Good luck on your journey :) xxx

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