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Just one more thing!


Hi all

I have finally started my levothyroxine, and I am off on my hols tomorrow.

I fly at 5am so have to be at the airport at 3am, and I think I'm tired now. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding taking my levo and supplements.

I have opted to take my levo at 6.45- 7.00am so I know not to eat before for 2 hrs ( hopefully I'll be asleep before and won't have an opportunity to eat!) or after for 1 hr. But when would be the best time to take the following supplements, I used to take most of them just after breakfast but I don't want them to interfere with my Levo.

Additionally if I had a cup of tea/ coffee on the plane would I still be ok taking my levo less than two hour later or do I have to leave two hours following any drink containing Caffeine or milk.

Vits A,C,E & selenium (1 tab)

B Complex (1 tab)

Vit D , K2 Mk 7 (2 tabs)

Cranberry ( 1 huge tablet, more like a horse pill!) to ward off UTI, high vit C

Magnesium (Usually take this before bed)

Co Q10

I would prefer to take them in as few doses as possible or I may end up getting very muddled.

Thanks again for your input, I did try searching but I could only find out when best to take Vit D. I know it's best taken with a fatty meal.

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My reply is too late but for next time take your levo before bed the night before ,then the vits the next day.

knitwitty in reply to Treepie

Thank you Treepie I have only just noticed your reply.

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