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Tom Brimeyers supplements


Hi everyone, I am wondering if any one has used Tom Brimeyers ( forefront health) vitamins, collagen and his dessicated thyroid. Ty

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Hi, yes I have but based in the uk so expensive to import in. I use the vitamin ADK drops and have used the vitamin B complex. Have just purchased progesterone but can’t use this or any brand because it gives me servere headaches. With regards to collagen I use Great Lakes which I can source in the uk even though it’s a US brand this is very good. I quite like Tom Brimeyers products and approach to thyroid problems for me he makes sense. I hope this helps.

I know this sounds crazy, but when you took the ADK drops and the vitamin B complex, did it give you any side effects or make you feel funny? I am so afraid of medicine and supplements....I want to get over this fear, but I have to make sure they are safe. ( I have had a few bad experiences) do you take anything else for your thyroid if you don't mind me asking? and ty for replying....I've never been on a group site

When self medicating it is a bit trial and error and you take it slowly this site is good and given me advice and courage to go it alone. I can’t say how they will affect you or if you may be better supervised if anxious. I have been to see Dr Peatfield and take his recommended thyroid and adrenal glandulars as well as vitamin C the forefront ADK which I have taken for a couple of years and tolerate very well no funny feelings a B complex with B12 methylated which is the best type this one is not forefront’s but I do swap around sometimes, Forefront B complex if I remember is in alcohol. I also take the Great Lakes gelatine. I would always recommend the best quality if you can afford it. Good luck Lilbabysan12.

Ty so very much....I did just order ty the great lakes collagen. I'm gonna take one supplement at a time. I have to go to the docs soon and I bought the sttm book and I am gonna have my requests for blood work. That scares me so bad cause I've been off all meds for quite a while and afraid to see where things are at. But what I do know is that I will get all the info i can from kind people like you to help guide my next steps ❤ is this why we are nearly dead, i know i am but i rarely use oils

Gosh b p that is an eye opener . The trouble is most GPS are only capable of looking at figures on a blood test at my surgery at least Pp

I have only been using coconut oil, olive and butter...but the pufas are in so many things that I wouldn't have guessed...I hope you feel better...

Restaurants and cafes use cheap industrial veg oils i.e. sunflower oil and rapeseed oil. This has been the case for many, many years. Check the tubs of food in the supermarkets, and you'll find the same. Although the hummus in supermarkets says olive oil on the lid, look closely and you're likely to find sunflower oil or rapeseed oil in the small print. The video of the lecture 'The Oiling Of America' details the issues with this decades-long trend, and the documentary The Magic Pill.


Great Lakes Collagen is Kosher. I swapped to Bulletproof obtainable in the UK from Evolution Organics.

I have used the vitamin A, D, K drops (about 1/2 bottle so far). I feel they are more gentle (less chance of side effects) than pills. I am recovering from problems digesting fats (and hypothyroid) so trying to increase my fats and fat soluble vitamins. Just starting on the liquid vitamin E and feel I tolerate it much better than the gel pills. I also do the Great Lakes collagen which I tolerate better than other collagens (haven’t tried forefront version).

I would NOT recommend the progesterone forefront sells because it is made from YAMs and it is my understanding humans cannot convert it into usable progesterone hormone. I use compounded natural progesterone in slow release formula capsule.

I currently am using (methylated) B vitamins from other companies (like pure encapsulation) that I am happy with so not planning on changing. Methylated form is the most easily absorbed.

Lilbabysan12 in reply to Annkapp

Thank you for replying...Any info you can give to help is so greatly appreciated...I was wondering if you seen any difference in your health with the a d k drops? They r quite expensive but if it will help my health and thyroid I will get them...

Annkapp in reply to Lilbabysan12

It would help me to reply if I knew what you were hoping to expect. For me it helped soften my skin (had bad skin flakes from dryness before and elbows and knees were hard like alligator skin). Also my hair is more shiny (not dry) and split ends seem to be less now. Also I had a large wort on my leg for several years. Tried every topical on it but it kept growing back. Then I noticed not too long ago that it was gone! The theory is that there is also healing going on internally as well (digestive system/ lining) but harder to notice the benefit yet. Also A,D and K is great for the bones but a person can’t detect a difference unless it is over a long period of time. I also am taking for my gums (they were receding badly but no gingivitis or bleeding). Now I have noticed the receding is a lot less or has even stopped.

I don’t mind spending the extra on the vit A, D, K drops (and vitamin E) because

They are clean products (no bad ingredients to react to). I like the fact the drops contain A,D and K which should be taken together. I would have to buy 2 products otherwise because usually I can find a&D or D&K or all three separately but not all 3 together. So there is some savings because all three are in one product.

Finally I like the fact it is a lower dose of all 3 which are taken 2-3 Times a day so I am getting the benefit throughout the day. Also because they are fat soluble vitamins I worry about getting too much with high dose pills (because excess fat soluble vitamins are not excreted in the urine like water soluble vitamins). With the vitamin A, D,K drops I do not worry about getting too much.

Another thing I should mention is I am also taking Betain HCL and Pepsin, Ox Bile and Lypase enzymes for fat digestion which I had a problem with.

Hypothyroid people often have problems with digestion so you should consider that. If you can’t digest and absorb food well than you can’t absorb vitamins and minerals in supplements well either and so will be waisting money on supplements.

I do have a little more energy with better digestion and absorbing fats and fat soluble vitamins, however, I am still hypothyroid.

Hope I gave you the information you were looking for.

Redlester in reply to Annkapp

Annkapp - I am at my wits end and was thinking of trying Tom's progesterone drops so what you said about them not being beneficial was really helpful to me. Can you tell me what brand of compounded natural progesterone you used and where you got it from?



Annkapp in reply to Redlester

It is not a brand. I get a script from my doctor which I take to a compounding pharmacy. Currently I am taking a slow release progesterone capsule at night. It says progesterone 50mg meth caps on the bottle (50 mg is a pretty low dose, you may need more). In the past I have used a vaginal progesterone cream (ie. 1ML (20mg) progesterone 2% cream applied daily) which was compounded at a compounding pharmacy also. I live in the United States so I do not know if you have this type of pharmacy in the UK.

Annkapp in reply to Redlester

This is considered true progesterone (vs. progestins which are often referred to as progesterone but in fact are NOT progesterone).

I think forefront heath has great with information on thyroid health on its website!


I've been following Tom's diet for a little over 18 months now. I'd say he knows his stuff as he was a sufferer also so proceeded to research.

I also use Great Lakes Collagen powder.

I have tried his recommended supplements. The progesterone drops gave me headaches & sombre thoughts & the thyroid glandular didn't suit me either.

I was eventually started on Levothyroxine by my Endo at the end of 2017 & felt like I'd got my life back. Initially I was put on Wockardt but that made me feel nauseous & made my legs ache. Next one was Eltroxin which initially was great but after a couple of months I was starting to put weight back on, bad spots/acne on face & scalp, loose bowels & terrible night sweats.

I've now decided to self-medicate & been on Thyroid S for 10 days & my weight is coming off, my spots are not as bad & my bowels are more normal. I think I've taken too much some times as I get a bit weary so I'm adjusting the dosage to see how I feel.

I hope I've done the right thing by taking this step but I really don't like Levo.

Sorry to have gone on.

Thank you so much for replying...levoxothyrine did a number on me....I finally got off of it 2 months after they upped me to 75 and I was a crazy hot mess...heart palpitations a weird I was on speed but I couldn't concentrate to get anything done...I let the doc office know I was worse than ever and she had a half laugh and said she didn't know what to say that the labs r good....I've been off for a very long time...tried to take a small dose and had same I was too afraid to do anything...(I have panic disorder). I'm ready to begin again with the awesome help of people like you...let me know you do....I bought Tom's plan and was so upset with the lack of foods to eat....have you had noticable results with his diet plan? If you don't mind could you tell me how long you have been hypo and since getting off levox... what is your regiment....thank you again...and listening to me❤


I've been hypo for about 6 years. I started to guess that I was 2/3 years ago. Always very tired & had headaches but bloods always came back normal. Not to go into too much detail I had a benign pituitary pea sized tumour removed in 2015 & I thought all the symptoms would go away but no. I've been monitored under an Endo who wouldn't put me on any medication so when I had my appt in December I said if you don't start me on meds then I'll be very ill to which he decided to start me on 25mcg of Levo which worked until all the side effects.

I found Tom's H Revolution book & bought it. Yes, it is a restricted diet, you have to make your own food & you become very conscious that eating out is difficult because we now only use butter or coconut oil & no Pufa's & everywhere seems to cook in bad oils. Occasionally I would like to grab something quick to eat but I don't. I always had porridge for breakfast but now have eggs, a healing shake or fruit smoothie as in the book. I eat a normal evening meal but always fry/roast in coconut oil. If I'm going out I take food with me. The secret is to plan ahead. It's not easy but we want to be well. I avoid flour completely, so no bread, pasta, etc.

You definitely lose some weight. I think I'm now a food snob! I'm not tee-total, I do like a beer.

I was worried about self-medicating with Thyroid S but I'm losing faith in the doctors regarding thyroid problems, they put us all in the same category. The big pharmaceutical companies are making a lot of money from us. My doctor said to me last year when I went once again about being tired "there's nothing wrong with your thyroid & watch your weight". I crawled out of her door.

I hooe that NDT works for me as it seems to do for so many on this site. I take 1/2 tablet on waking then the other 1/2 mid afternoon. I don't need a huge dose like some.

Persevere if you can. There are so many people on here who offer help.

What is restricted on Tom's plan?


Restrictions are - flour, oils, certain fruit & veg, nuts & gluten free products because they have another kind of flour in.

You go back to eating full fat, fresh food that you have to cook yourself. It's not easy but our mothers had to cook that way before convenience food came in which is full of additives which are no good.

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