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Getting a diagnosis


Hi, just joined this site. I have many vague symptoms of what I believe might be Hashimotos. Dry skin/very brittle but soft nails/ dey thin hair (falling out) extreme tiredness but wake up every hour or so/ poor memory/low concentration/ mood swings/dry, sore eyes etc. I am already Type 1 Diabetic/Coeliac (both auto-immune disorders) so it seems to fit. GP and Specialist Diabetes consultant have done blood tests TSH and FT4 and they both tell me results are within the normal range and no further action required. I am taking Vitamin D3 as this was low. I have explained all my symptoms to no avail. Can anyone suggest what to do next. I'm prepared to go orivate but not sure what type of professional to make an appointment with. Thanks in anticipation.

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Within normal range means nothing! The ranges are usually huge, and you couldn't expect to feel the same with your results at the top as you would with the results at the bottom - something doctors just can't get their little heads round!

So, you need to get hold of copies of those results and see for yourself. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a print-out of them. So, just ask. Post them on here, and let's have a look. :)

Yhanks for the info.

Here are my current results from the Thyroid test I had in March

TSH 0.7

Free T4 16.5

Free T3 4.2

Vitamin D 30

Ferritin 33

Folate 5.3

B12 276

Sorry, but we need the ranges with those results. Results are meaningless with the ranges, because they vary from lab to lab.

Well, got the results - here they are and hope they're what you need. Thank you

TSH0.70.5 - 4.4mu/L

FT34.23.5 - 6.5pmol/L

FT416.510 -20pmol/L

Ferritin3312 - 300

Folate203 – 17ug/L

Vit D5724 -167nmol/L (I have been taking 1000 iU per day for 3 years on GP advice)

Vit B12395190 -800ng/L

No TPO result so assume it wasn't done.

Lots of other readings all normal except:

Platelet count461 10*9/L150 – 450 0010*/L

Bone profile Abnormal – No action

Serum inorganic Phosphate 0.580.80 1.45 mmol/L

Well, your thyroid results are fine. But, your ferritin is too low, even though it's in-range, it's too low in-range. You need an increase in dose for vit D3 - you're never going to raise your level at this rate! Your folate should be at least mid-range. And your B12 should be at least over 500.

Have you had your antibodies done previously at all?

Thanks Greygoose - no haven't had antibodies done before. I will ask GP again but this is why I was thinking if getting a private appointment as both GP and Diabetes Specialist say that all results are ok.

Well, the problem is, doctors know nothing about nutrition. As long as the result is somewhere in-range, for them it's perfect. I doubt you get even a private GP/endo to treat your nutritional deficiencies.

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