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Superb Thyroid Resource

Endotext has a reference to Thyroid Disease Manager (you need to register for free access). Also, as part of Endotext we get a host of outstanding documents on a wide range of thyroid subjects written by experts in the field.

These are technical papers and so you need a good basic understanding of thyroid to follow them.

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Excellent jimh111 ... thank you, good to be on the pulse :-)


Thyroid Disease Manager has switched between needing registration and login - or not - more than once.

I have no great feeling about whether it is required or not - for myself. But it is a blethering nuisance when you post links. Like here:

I try to remember to identify sites which require registration, but I often forget. And it doesn't help if the requirement is imposed later...


I'm not sure, but I think you find the need to register a nuisance when following a link, rather than me posting a link. Let me know if I can do things better.

I've only recently found the need to register but if you tick the box to stay logged in it makes life easier.


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