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Sending payments to Montenegro bank


Hi I'm new here - people have been very helpful messaging me with a Greek site address to get T3 but i'm having difficulty transfering money to them My own bank doesn't do it and all the transfer sites are saying not permitted to that account - the bank itself is in Montenegro which is not a SEPA country but even globalwebpay won't do it to that particular account! Has anyone else paid them recently? Thanks!

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I wasn't aware that T3 was available from any site in Greece.

The only Greek T3 I've heard of is Uni-Pharma, and for a while now it has only been available to people who live in Greece and who have it prescribed.

There was a site allegedly based in Greece that sold Uni-Pharma T3 but they became completely unreliable - stringing people along, claiming they would supply T3 even though they couldn't get supplies any more. And I think the site still exists and is still advertising Uni-Pharma T3.

I realise that I might be wrong - I'm just going by the posts I've seen on here on the subject.

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I forgot to say - that site in Greece I'm talking about... I think they moved their banking to Montenegro.

lkjhgfd in reply to humanbean

Thanks - someone else has just messaged me saying same thing :(

If you know of anywhere to get proper T3 now please would you message me. Or anyone else reading this. Thanks so much


This is your very first post

Can you give a little bit of background info

Are you on Levothyroxine. What dose

Can you add most recent TSH, FT4 and FT3 results and ranges

Have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested, if so can you add results and ranges

Do you supplement to keep optimal

Do you have Hashimoto's also called autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosed by high thyroid antibodies, if so are you on strictly gluten free diet

Good vitamin levels are essential for T3 to work. Plus many with Hashimoto's do need to be gluten free as well

Then members may be more willing to share information

lkjhgfd in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks SlowDragon - I have actually posted before just not starteda thread. Members have been very kind and i've not had a problem with people sharing information. I do not have hashimoto's but was prescribed levothyroxine for lowish thyroid in the past but I became more hypo (not hyper) on itso stopped and have been unmedicated and symptoms have got much worse inc huge weight gain. I have consistently low body temperature (around 35.5 average) plus all of the other hypo symptoms. I'm having a range of tests this Thursday so will check results before starting T3. I take a range of supplements unfortunately many make me ravenous so aren't helpful eg. B vitamins. I've also tried Armour in the past which did not help. I've read a lot of people's experiences similar to mine who did very well on T3 only which is why I'm keen to try it (depending on results)

silverfox7 in reply to lkjhgfd

I'm thinking that you were inlyvjudt starting out on a very low dose when you stopped? Were you asked to repeat bloods every 6-8 weeks till you found the right dose for you? I'm always reluctant to advice taking T 3 before you have results and a bit more background on T4. When on T4 only you can tell whether you are converting well or not. Once taking any form of T3 you can't because then the results are read differently so only the FT3 reading is accurate so nothibgvto compare it with.

Pm Ed you about easy to get sourceT3.

Me too please!


Thanks very much Judith :)

Me too please.

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