T3 and on-line payments

Just tried to pay for T3 from Greece using Moneygram but my card was declined because my name doesn't match the one on my card.

I have tried to send the money by bank transfer in the past but my bank only transfers between banks with sort codes and the account in Greece doesn't have a sort code

anyone had the same trouble or can someone advise me please?

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  • Always use a name that matches what is on the card when making orders?

  • Just found it odd that Paypal accept the card...and so does every shop I spend money in and I pay all my bills using that card. BTW...why would In use a name that isn't mine?

  • GosportNancy,

    Try paying with WesternUnion. Moneygram seem to make it very difficult for people to use them.

  • Looks like that could be a goer...will attempt that before I run out of T3 and brain cells

  • my card was declined because my name doesn't match the one on my card.

    I wrote that because of the above comment in your first post. Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    I've got cards that (now or in the past) have called me Mrs J. Smith, J. Smith, Jane Smith. I always use the version of my name that is on the card that I'm using. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to use because the billing name doesn't match what is on the card.

    Obviously my name isn't really Jane Smith. :D

  • I changed my name by deed poll back in July so my name doesn't match or resemble in any way the name on my card. It's a moot point really as moneygram didn't just cancel my transaction but also closed my account with them

  • I think that's your problem then. Trying to use a card with a different name would set alarm bells ringing with them. Too late for this transaction but you should get your card company to send you a new card, you'll probably have to provide proof of your new name.

    Take a look at the info I sent in reply to your PM and check out the way your bank handles international bank transfers. It will cost a fair bit more but might be the easiest solution until you get your card sorted.

    Actually, I've just checked the supplier, they only have options for Moneygram, Western Union and Bank Transfer so unless WU will accept your card you'll have to use Bank Transfer (but your probably know that anyway :) )

  • Western union only do cash pick up payments overseas so my supplier has requested a bank transfer...at £20 for transfer fees it's not an option for me...looks like I need to shop around

  • I've just done a trial run with WU online and it comes up with

    How does your receiver want the money?

    and gives the option of choosing Bank Account or Cash.

    Then the choice of payment is Credit Card or Bank Transfer, cost of either is £1.90. Nothing came up to say it has to be cash at the other end.

  • How does your receiver want the money?

    and no option other than cash when I tried

  • I have no idea why it should be different for you. It definitely gave me the option of either. I chose Bank Account and it then took me to a page to register. I didn't register, of course, because I don't want to use them, it was just a trial run.

    This is the page (I don't know if it will show how far I got but I chose


    Amount to send £30

    then I got the options of Bank Account or Cash

    Click Bank Account and then you get

    How Would You Like to Pay?

    Click Credit Card and then the Continue button comes up which takes you to a Log In page.

    Click I Am A New Customer and then there's a button to Get Started (to register)


  • I got that for Greece too...but their bank is in Montenegro

  • What? That supplier's bank details is Montenegro? Something has changed then, it's always been Greece or Cyprus before.

  • They explained this. To do with the money and banking situation in Greece. It's been newsworthy recently but unless you are dealing with Greek businesses it doesn't usually affect folk outside Greece

  • When I used them they said it was to do with the banking situation in Greece and sent details of their bank in Cyprus.

  • I sent my payment in cash to Greece by Western Union through its website but I didn't use credit card to pay to WU. I sent money to WU by bank transfer and then they sent it in cash to Greece. It was very easy, without any problems. My order was shipped the same day.

  • How long ago was that?...they aren't banking in Greece today and cash payment has to be picked up in the country where the bank account is

  • Cash is picked up where they tell you - they told me Greece so I sent it to Greece. It was few weeks ago. Bank account doesn't have anything with sending cash.

  • They are in Greece but their bank account isn'i so I could only send it to the country where their account is....anyway I have found a source that accepts Paypal now so I'm sorted

  • Once again - you don't have to send cash into the same country where somebody has bank account. People can have bank accounts all over the world but you are sending them cash only in the country where they are because they have to pick it up in person. You are mixing things here.

  • I followed the instructions sent to me by email from the guys selling the T3 but I sustained brain damage from the cardiac arrest I had when I wasn't on T3 so I agree that I might have misunderstood something. Western Union is way too complicated for my brain to work out so I guess I'll give it a miss

  • I think you might have missed the point about me having brain damage. I can't be expected to understand those instructions when I have trouble with a lot of basic tasks involving memory and sequencing. I had to learn to dress and walk when I woke from my coma....you might be surprised what things I still have difficulty with and I guess that wouldn't be obvious from my posts here

  • In what way doesn't your name match what's on the card? They seem to have to be an exact match.

    For example say you are Mrs Nancy Ann Gosport

    If your card says Nancy Gosport and you use Nancy A Gosport or Mrs Nancy Gosport or something that isn't exactly what is on the card I suppose they will decline it.

    I did a bank transfer with no problems but it cost £9.50 through Halifax, some charge even more. There was no sort code but they supplied me with the bank details needed and it went through OK. I was sent a Swift (BIC) code and the account (IBAN) number If you want to PM me, to see if it the same supplier, I can let you have the exact bank details I was given so you can compare.

  • When I go to my on-line bank account there is no space for an identifier number or whatever...just an account number and sort code. I found a faq article about swift but no info on how I could use that on-line. I can't make transfers in person as I am housebound...that is why I have on-line banking

  • Have you gone to the International Transfer section? That was in a different place to UK transfers with my bank.

    If you're with Halifax I can take another look on my online account and try and help, if a different bank then other than their help section or ringing them for advice I wouldn't know.

  • I have found MoneyGram is fine.I go to the bank,get cash out & pay for the Moneygram at the Post Office in cash

  • I would love to be able to do that..but I am a full time carer and am virtually housebound since my T3 deficit related cardiac arrest I had recently. I am witing for a Paypal money request to turn up

  • I really feel for you,trying to get & stay well with the devastating impact of this illness.Its effect on the ability to think & deal with situations can be horrendous.Until I got on to T3 I had spent 2 years in depression with acute anxiety.I could barely function & felt terrible.Dealing with the practicalities brought on overwhelm & panic.

    I'm still not right.Panic & overwhelm set in when challenged with situations I find triggering.I'm having a bit of a struggle at the moment & admire your determination to deal with all this hassle.

  • Thanks for your supportive reply. My thyroxine levels go up and down because I have had chronic heart failure. The cardiac doctor who diagnosed this explained that when the heart muscle is weak, the body tries to protect me from a heart related crisis by slowing down the thyroid. The T3 really helps with that but the NHS doctors I have seen focus on the T4 levels in isolation. When I collapsed at home in March it was due to multiple organ failure but I wasn't prescribed T3 when I came home in April although it was prescribed in hospital and I was sent home with some

  • I changed my name this year in July and today is the only time any online payment was declined. Paypal accepts payments with that card so I take it that systems that don't, have a problem, not me. I haven't asked the bank for a new card as I don't want to be without a card for 2 weeks like I did last time I was sent a new one

  • But you will have to change it eventually, anyway I just explained how I paid without credit card.

  • I don't have to change the card - I have had no problems using it until today with moneygram....they cancelled the transaction and closed my account

  • Yes, but I don't think that you can use a card with different name forever. Somebody might think that it is stolen.

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