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I order my NDT from the USA. I have always paid the postman the custom payment and he hands me the parcel.

Today I had a card demanding payment, to be paid on line. So I registered with Royal Mail, gave them details like my email and phone number which they dont need, put in the card details and waited and said processing for a good 10 minutes.

I rang them and having finally got through all the options, the customer service bod said he would take the payment for me. IT has now apparently gone through twice, although he said he had cancelled the on line one! I now have to wait for 3 days to get my parcel, and chase them to get my money back.

My question is when did this change? He said this had been in place for two years and had not heard of the postman taking the payments. Does anyone else pay the postman?

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  • Serenfach,

    I've never been able to pay the postman and have always paid in person at the sorting office.

  • I now order smaller amount so no customs charge...... but before that my postman refused payment stating "they are not permitted to take a cash payment" this stops any misunderstandings!! I had to either pay online or go to my local post office and pay....

  • Hi Pixielula

    What amount do you order before having to pay custom charges.

    I have just had to pay £22.51 custom charge and P.O. handling fee. The last couple of times I only paid £14 something, I think I got away with the handling charge then.

  • I used to order 100 at a time but now do a couple of 30 orders, they are less than £15 so no import/handling fees. It kinda works out the same for 3x30 tabs as 1x 100 as I don't pay import tax but pay three times postage. It does save me the hassle of picking them up from the post office. And also the irritation of having to pay tax on drugs that I'm only having to purchase cause the NHS stopped my perscriptions. That really hacks me off........

  • Thank you,

    so if the order is less than £15 then we don't get charge customs and handling cost, but anything above that amount we do get charged?

  • No. It looks like that but there is another potential jump at £135.

    Also, once over £15, the value taxed must include postage and packing.

  • Yes that's right and it's only the goods for under £15 but over £15 they charge vat on the lot postage and all...........

  • I've never heard of being able to pay the postman. My experience has always been no choice but go to the sorting office to pay and collect the package.

    Maybe paying the postman has been an option in rural locations where access to the sorting office is very difficult?

  • Thanks - it looks like my postman was doing me a favour! The nearest sorting office is 15 miles away, and only open until 2 o'clock, not on a bus route and no parking! And for this they charge £8 "handling charge!". No post offices nearby either. The joys of living in the wilds!

  • I have never paid the postman. He leaves a card and I pick up at the sorting office and pay there.

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