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Help with DIO1/DIO2 DNA results

Help with DIO1/DIO2 DNA results

Evening all!

My DNA results have highlighted genes DIO1/DIO2 as BAD. This must be why previously I felt so awful on T4 only.

I currently take 150mcg T4 and 20mcg T3 and can function, but there’s so much room for improvement.

Would I now benefit from T3 only?

I also previously had T3 mono- therapy (after TT and prior to RAI for Thyroid Cancer) and at that time I felt dreadful, but I was a total wreck anyway due to circumstances.

My consultant insisted that I don’t have a clinical need for T3 as my blood tests are fine and show conversion, but fortunately he agreed to prescribe it to see whether it would help.

I have always found my consultants rather dismissive as my blood work always looks ok to them. They would never accept that my symptoms are thyroid related, although I always knew that they were.

Now I have proof, are they likely to take me seriously, and help me get properly well? Anyone got experience of this?

I also had MTHFR gene highlighted as bad regarding B12 and Folate. Thoughts?

Also interested to know if this DNA result

could account for extreme tiredness in my youth, with blood tests always coming back normal?

Thanks for any input. 🙂


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I hope this link is helpful for you to get T3 prescribed even though the NHS have stopped prescribing. Say you will talk to your MP if it cannot be prescribed to you.


Thanks shaws, but I already get 20mcg T3 prescribed.

I'm just wondering how to proceed with these results, and what I need to ask for at next annual checkup to improve symptoms further.


Personally I think you should be prescribed T3 alone. What's the point of taking T4 if you cannot convert it? Seems a bit stupid.

I haven't had the gene tested but I can only function on T3 and am well and symptom-free. I source my own.


I have the MTHFR “weak” gene, also referred to as a “dirty gene”. I actually have two defective MTHFR genes. The Dr that I see here in the states, prescribed a proprietary vitamin supplement called Methyl Support. He gave me some literature to read on the whole Methylation process - and it makes a world of improvement! Since folic acid / folate comes largely from grains, you begin to see more clearly why gluten free works. But you still need folic acid so... you must find supplements that include methylated folate, eat clean, and on and on. But feeling good is worth it!

In answer to the question about T3 / T4 - T4 alone has never worked for me. Armour Thyroid / Naturthroid works great! (30 years plus) And selenium, and digestive enzymes - must haves. I can’t tell you how much better I feel with 200 mg of Swlenium per day!

Find the T3 from where ever you can. Add the Selenium! It’s not a cure, but it is life and one that feels good!


Thank you! I am going to ask my consultant to allow me to increase my T3 and reduce T4. I'm not optimistic he'll agree, but hopefully if I can show him the reason (and prove) why I need it he might change my prescription.

I was told categorically that I could not take NDT due to NHS prescribing restrictions, and the fact that he wouldn't be able to monitor my thyroglobulin (my cancer marker) on this medication. However, I know that many people suppressing thyroid cancer do use NDT successfully. I just don't know how to go about it..

All I want is to feel well and be able to function normally. It's an uphill battle though.

I must begin to supplement too. I have eaten brazil nuts periodically for selenium, but not every day any more. I will look into tablets instead.

Thank you for your reply.


Well done to you for being determined!

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Thank you! 😊

It's taken 5 years to get this far though..x


But you got there and that's all that matters!


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