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How to fix thyroid hormone conversion (subclinical hypothyroid)

being subclinical, im having trouble to get proper medication via doctor (they refused to prescribe me anything) and im at wits end trying to fix my thyroid i seem to have conversion issue.. my T4 is slightly higher than T3... and i may be having too much reverse T3.

TSH 2.7 (0.3-4.64 reference range)

T4 18.9 ( 9.1- 24.4 reference range)

T3 4.53 (2.23-5.35 reference range)

i should get my reverse T3 checked soon (hope they have the test here in malaysia)

Is there a way to increase my T3 naturally since doctor refuse to prescribe me? I read guggul is good for T3 and panax ginseng is good to flush out excess Reverse T3 (i did separate research on both herb online - too many link ive lost track im sorry)

I only take ashwagandha seems like it helped increase my T4, but didnt help much to convert to T3 :(

Anybody here have experience with guggul +

panax ginseng? Panax ginseng is quite expensive here i just want some insights before i dive in and buy it.

Thank you so much in advance for your kind help.

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Your FT4/FT3 ratio is 4.1 which is just about OK. As your numbers are all well within normal, what are your symptoms and how long have they been going on? Your TSH indicates you might be struggling a bit with thyroid sufficiency but at this moment it seems to be no more than that. At this stage you might either progress to overt hypothyroidism or slowly come back to normality. Too soon to call.


Hi thanks for your reply. I havent been able to lose weight despite decent amount of effort (maybe not hard enough?) and been dieting.. and doing intermittent fasting 16:8 for 2 months now.. and ive been feeling tired and sluggish since last year, i almost always fallen asleep after lunch - i just dont know why :( and now my LDL is creeping me up doctor suggested i go on low cholesterol diet



With your FT4 64% through range, and FT3 73% through range your FT4 isn't slightly higher than FT3, it's the other way round. You're making an excellent amount of FT3 from your T4. Your conversion is good. One would expect to see a high/over range FT4 and low FT3 for there to be any rT3.


Thank you so much susie, uve always been such great help to me i truly appreciate. So it means that i dont have rt3 issue... good to know.. i just dont know why im still having a high TSH.. my husband’s T4 and T3 are close to mine but his TSH is only 0.38... and he’s losing weight easily with the same diet that im currently on..

Is there a way to reduce my TSH?


I have subclinical hypo without hashimoto antibodies, my tsh was on 5.0, i found some papers indicating that vitamin a helps with t4 to t3 conversion. I began to take a multivitaminic named dayamineral that does have it on an good quantity and from three months ago now is at 2.53, that multivitaminic also has b12 and iodine


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