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Calling all ectopic beaters!!❤❤

Hi all i am just recentley been told that i have a few intervals of ectopic beats after having a 24 hour monitor fitted, was told nothing to get my knickers in a twist about😊😊 told it could be thyroid disease, my meds-carbi, iron def-which i have.

Just would like to know your experienes of them-any info big or small i dont mind. How do they make you feel? How lomg did they last? Anything improved them? Further testing etc?

Thankyou to bantam who already shared experiencies-you are welcome again😊😊.xx

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Hi, a few years ago I was investigated for palpitations. I had a monitor on for a week and it was found that I was having episodes where every other beat was an ectopic beat. I was told I didn’t need any treatment. When ever it happened I would feel a thump in my chest and at the same time a missed beat if I felt my pulse at the wrist. A couple of years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I rarely get the ectopic beats now.


Hey thankyou, its so common apparently-im hoping mine improve too in the near future when more stable with iron and carbi etc.xx


T3 and meditation improve mine a bit. But generally I find ignoring them is the best thing. They are annoying but you get used to it. I did find Hawthorn and Arjuna capsules helped a bit, too. If I'm bothered by them when sitting still, I just get up and do something - then I stop noticing them.


Yes ive noticed that to, whilst moving around i do not notice them as much, some days i dont have any😊😊 thankyou.


T3 and fixing my iron deficiency fixed my heart rhythm problems, as well as (usually) slowing my heart rate down to a healthier level.


Gp said it could be due to my iron def, im working on raising them but have now been referred to GI as after 3 months they only have risen from 10 to 27, could be due to my celiac. 🌟🌟

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It took me nearly two years to get my ferritin up to mid range or slightly over. My other iron-related levels are substantially less than optimal, but I would have to push my ferritin higher than I'd like to get the other results closer to optimal.


2 years!! Are you celiac humanbean? Did you take gps supplement or your own. I take floravital iron with added b vits and vit c but it is only 19mgs.


No, I've been thoroughly tested for coeliac and the results all came back negative. However, I did eventually (5 years after testing) go gluten-free as an experiment and got lots of benefit from it, so I've maintained it. Most of the benefits have been brain and mood related rather than gut related (although I don't lose iron quite so quickly as before if I stop supplementing). I think I have gluten ataxia.

This was a few years ago...

My GP gave me a prescription for two months worth of iron supplements. I discovered, purely by accident when I picked up my prescription, that I could buy prescription-strength iron supplements without needing a prescription. I had also found out that private testing could be done without a doctor's permission or approval. Once I knew these two things I decided not to bother my GP any more. "Bothering" doctors has always been stressful for me, because they appear to have decided that I was a hypochondriac when I was in my early teens and have never changed their opinion in the 40+ years since. Getting any testing and/or treatment has always been very difficult for me.


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