Hi all

yesterday l found out that fluoride is the cause of my thyroid.

the water we drink is the cause of this condition.

l was told 30 years ago that it was stress. they did not even tell me what not to eat.

there is a cure for the thyroid. the doctors are not treating us for it.

they need you to keep coming to see them so the drug company's can keep making money.

l am having this medication shipped to me.

you can not buy this tablet here in Australia how ironic is that.

if any one suffers thyroid read the book called the idiots guide to thyroid.

you will find every thing you need too know is in it.

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  • Mostly a problem if you eat fluoride containing toothpaste or drink gallons of tea. This subject came up earlier today.

  • Hi Gabkad

    yes l can see how.

    but here in Australia we are not given a chose if we would like this fluoride in our drinking water or not, and the government here is not up to code, and tell the people what it will do to you over time of drinking this water with fluoride in it.

  • Most water these days is fluoridated to about 0.7 ppm. Of course, it is difficult to titrate the amount totally accurately so usually they err on the side of less than more. There's lots more than this in a cup of tea. What with all the promotion of green tea being a health drink.....well, maybe if people would drink it at the same volume as traditional Japanese tea ceremony in those teeny cups. But that's not what happens.

    Also broth made from oceanfish bones contains a lot of fluoride because fish concentrate fluoride in their skeletons. Even though the amount of fluroide in seawater is extremely low, somehow they do this. Those canned salmon and sardines where 'they' tell you to eat the bones for the calcium? High fluoride. who.int/water_sanitation_he...

    Have you been tested and found to have fluorosis in your bones? Or are you speculating?

    In India where there are areas where the groundwater is high in fluoride (6 ppm+) the people have adverse effect on IQ. Not to mention skeletal abnormalities that are hideous.

  • Hi Gabkad

    yes l totally agree with that.

    l was told to get a purifier that will take out the fluoride. so it is safe to drink with out the thyroid thinking it has had iodine due to the fluoride intake all day every day. the body is fascinating how it reacts to odd things that go in to the body.

  • There is 67 ppm bromine in sea salt and bromine also competes with iodine in the thyroid. seafriends.org.nz/oceano/se...

    I guess there is danger everywhere.

  • Bromide is also used as a household fire retardent. Furnishings displaying a fire safety label have often had the fabric impregnated with bromide

  • Hi Gabkad

    I have a water purifier fitted. Told by the company that supplies this that there is nothing available that will take out flouride. Let me know if you find anything that does. There are a number of sites on the internet dealing with the thyroid/fibromyalgia connection on the internet.

  • Most water in the UK is not fluoridated, yet. Last I looked, it was about 10%. And, as would be expected, some other areas already have fluoride at or above the levels of fluoridated supplies.

  • Studies done on the St. Helena islanders (this is history now) indicated almost no dental decay in the population. They only had potatoes and sweet potatoes as sources of carbohydrate because they don't grow any grains and had almost no access to sugar (boats were picking up supplies not selling anything). Don't know about these days but there's still no air strip and only few ships.

    I guess if you want healthy teeth, eat potatoes and dump the grains and sugar. St. Helena does not have fluoridated water and back in the middle of the 20th century, they wouldn't have had fluoridated toothpaste either.

    I think the Royal Mail boat makes stops there. Take the ship from Capetown. You can only debark if you have up to date private health insurance. Internet service is expensive and slow. (Yes I considered running away from home but it's too far away even for that.) Beautiful place, lots of trails, climate is pleasant. All the food grown there (100%) is organic.

  • This is a link re flouridation which was first recommended then found the findings were false.

    This is an excerpt:

    The studies showing little if any benefit from fluoridation have been published since 1980. Are there contrary findings? Yes: many more studies, published in dental professional journals, claim that there is a benefit to teeth from water fluoride. An example is a recent study from New Zealand [23], carried out in the southernmost area of the country [23]. Throughout New Zealand there is a range of tooth decay rates, from very high to very low, occurring in both fluoridated and nonfluoridated areas. The same situation exists in other countries.

    What the pro-fluoride academics at our dental school did was to select from that southern area four communities: one nonfluoridated, two fluoridated, and another which had stopped fluoridation a few years earlier. Although information on decay rates in all these areas was available to them, from the school dental service, they chose for their study the one non-fluoridated community with the highest decay rate and two fluoridated ones with low decay rates, and compared these with the recently stopped fluoridated one, which happened to have medium decay rates (both before and after it had stopped fluoridation). The chosen communities, of course, had not been randomly selected. The results, first published with much publicity in the news media, showed over 50 percent less tooth decay in the fluoridated communities, with the recently defluoridated town in a "middle" position (see left side of Fig. 2).

    When I obtained the decay rates for all children in all the fluoridated and all the nonfluoridated areas in that part of New Zealand, as well as the decay rates for all children in the recently defluoridated town, they revealed that there are virtually no differences in tooth decay rates related to fluoridation


  • Apparently there is also bromide in soft furnishings, car exhausts, asthma inhalers and sprayed all over some fruits and vegetables as a pesticide. I didn't know about the fluoride in sea salt or tinned salmon!

  • There is NO CURE for UAT only treatment.

  • well said wish someone had told my last gp that shes convinced it heals itself.

  • Could you please tell us what tablet you are talking about?

    you can not buy this tablet here in Australia

  • Please tellme too! - Thanks

  • Chrissy, I'm curious, who told you that your hypo is caused by fluoride? How did they know? What is the 'medication' you are having shipped to you? Who told you that it could 'cure' your hypo? You really Don't give us much info, do you? lol You leave us with our tongues hanging out, waiting for more!!!

  • Fluoride can cause hypo. In days gone by hypers used to be treated with fluoride. B D Peatfield wrote about all kinds of fluorine being used in the world wars and how dangerous it is now Sorry I can't remember the site. xx

  • Yes, I know it CAN, but you said that yours was caused by fluoride, and I wondered how you knew. Hypo can be caused by so many different things.

  • that was one of the 1st thyroid books i read found it very useful as gp said my thyroid had healed when i knew it hadnt (unlikely i think at my age almost 60 yrs).

  • I live in Hull and they are trying to put it in our water, but I think quite a few on the government are against it, hope it does not go through, they are using the excuse that too many children are suffering with cavities. I was a dental nurse, and I think it is more to do with the fact that the children eat sugary things then don't clean their teeth.

  • Hi Chrissy, it's unlikely that fluoride is causing your problems with thyroid, unless a doctor has tested you and proved this as a fact. Fluoride is a natural substance and occurs everywhere, some places more than others. Some areas in the UK, for example, have high natural fluoride in the water. The Americans have been adding it for a long time and while they have strong white teeth they are not dying in their droves from defective thyroids. This is, as far as I know, one of the many health scare old wives tales that frequent the internet.

    If you feel you have a genuine fluoride problem it should be easy enough to check for that with some medical tests. That way it will put your mind at rest.

  • Hi all

    l was tested by a gp 30 years ago for hypo thyroid, it was confirmed then.

    yes there is a filter that can take the fluoride out of water the company whom installed yours is making sure you keep using them. ( you need to get them to install the filter called Osmosis or Deionizer, Bone char filter).

    to those whom are told it will be great for the kids teeth they are wrong. we have had fluoride for more than 30 years here in Australia my children suffer from the cause of fluoride in water. they have lost more teeth now than if it was not used.my daughter now lives in an area that does not have fluoride in the water her children benefit from this.

  • You will find fluoride in prescription drugs like Prozac, Fluoxitine, Flixonase and Lipitor. Before my hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) condition was diagnosed, I was on Fluoxitine for years, while it was insidiously undermining my health. Some of these drugs are also implicated in senile demensia!

  • I have just discovered Sensodyne toothpaste with NO fluoride. Every little helps. I bought the whole box.!

  • Chrissy, you still did not tell us the name of the tablet you are ordering, or indeed the name of the book you mentioned.

    As for fluoridated water, I have lived the majority of my life in Nottinghamshire and the water has been fluoridated for all my childrens lives and my grandchildren who still live there. Only one of my children has bad teeth, because he still doesn't clean them properly at age 45. They were fine when he was small. Two of my children have, in fact, no fillings and no extractions. They are now 45 and 43. I do, however, not agree with flouride being added to drinking water. It is known to affect health adversely and I am under the impression it is possible to overdose on the stuff. It also makes drinking water taste disgusting. We have spring water where I live now and it is so much nicer.


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