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High HbA1c levels and hypothyroid

Diabetes nurse has requested a visit

Any advise please

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Advice about what Peony57 ?


Hi susie. Is there a link between high blood sugar and diabetes in hypothyroid


I have diabetes, hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia but only my annual diabetes blood tests ( HbA1c plus kidneys, cholesterol) get any feedback from the GP practice. Do you get the actual results, ideally with ranges ( or 'traffic light' low to high risk numbers)? Are you on any medications for your two ailments? I think you'll have to wait to see what nurse advises before querying /asking here for help.


Hi. Yes my results are

46mmo/l. (42 -47)


I am on NDT 3.5 Grains


If I am reading it correctly then 46 for your HbA1c is very good, not high. My GPS have a traffic light risk range 'less than 59.. is low risk'. Your NDT is outside my expertise ( I'm levothyroxin only tho would like T3 or mixed medicine added), but any advisors on this site would ask you at minimum what are your T4 and T3 levels? I suspect if it's a diabetic nurse you'll have had a TSH only tested at the same time as diabetic bloods, and it will be below their range of say 0.3- 4.5! What are you going to say if that is what the nurse wants rectifying ( NDT prescribed by specialist or self medicated?)? I have learnt over the last 15 plus years diabetes is their priority ( a sort of 'Top Trumps' high card compared to the likes of hypothyroidism/fibromyalgia etc). Good luck.


Hi. They tested all thyroid

TSH. 0.02

T4 11.1

T3. 5.3




your HbA1C is in the pre-diabetic range - you will be advised to try and get it under control to stop you becoming diabetic. They are likely to suggest diet and exercise.

On diet - you need to avoid foods that are easily converted to 'sugar' - which tends to mean most processed foods and generally foods that are high in carbohydrates - though porridge is a slow release. Look at glycemic index as a guide to which foods to go for and which to avoid. Smaller amounts of food more often may also help to even out the sugar levels and avoid spikes.

HbA1c is a protein that builds up in your blood if your blood sugars are not under proper control so a good indicator of long term blood-sugar status.

There are a number of forums for diabetes on HU including these




Thank you will lok them up


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