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Help with thyroid panel and ultrasound?!

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Hi! This is my first post here. I was wondering if anyone give me any advice on the subject. I've recently had a thyroid blood panel done and also a thyroid ultrasound for a swelling in the middle of my throat. My blood results were: Tsh - 2.6 range ( 0.35 - 4.94 ) free t4 - 12.3 ( 9 - 19.1 ) free t3 5.5 ( 2.6 - 5.7 ) and tpo antibodys - 0.5 ( 0 - 5.61). My doctor never goes through my results with me, I've had other routine bloods done but he just says they look normal without actually explaining what the levels mean. I've also had an ultrasound recently. Basically in the midline of the throat I have a palpable hard lump that roles when I swallow, it's also causing breathing problems, and trouble swallowing certain food. I'm confused because after the ultrasound my doctor said the results came back completely normal? No nodule or swelling. Do you think my the problem isn't even with my thyroid? I feel I'm back to square one with figuring all this out. If anyone had any info, I'd be really greatfull!

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