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Hi i hav just had a hemithroidectomy cause of a goiter

Told i wont need meds. Will wait for blood tests 6 to 8wks time

My tsh was 4 before thats hypo isnt itx if im not given thyrine where online could i vuy it safe if doc wont giv it just incase x

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If your TSH was 4 before removing half of your thyroid, my guess is that it's going to rocket, now. You are hypo when your TSH hits 3. But, in the UK, doctors like it to reach 10 before they will diagnose! I think it's all about money - plus ignorance, of course.

There are places you can safely buy thyroid hormone on-line, but wait and see if you need to by your own, first. My guess is, you won't.

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Tesss in reply to greygoose

Hi ta for reply x wen u say rocket do you mean higher or lower an wat is high need thyroxine an wat is low not x cud u explain really dont kno much xxxxxxxx wat is a good reading to hav too xx

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greygoose in reply to Tesss

Well, rockets usually go up. :)

I'm not quite sure what you want me to explain because I don't understand what you're asking. But, a normal TSH is around 1 or under, and that's where you want it. Anything over 3 is high for a TSH.

FT4 and FT3, most hypos need them to be up near the top of the range to feel well.

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Tesss in reply to greygoose

So that mean that anything past 3 is underactive thyroid x sorry dont mean to sound thick but i dont really hav a clue new to all of this xxx

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Tesss in reply to Tesss

So 3 to 10 wud b underactive xx

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greygoose in reply to Tesss

3 upwards is underactive, yes. :)

So if doc doesnt giv me thyroxine where cud i buy it safe on line xx

By the way thanks for explaining xxxxxxx

Hi i will await blood tests in a few weeks an be bac on here to get help x many thanks very very kind xxxxxx

Tesss, there is a lot to learn about thyroid problems, and tests are an important part of it, but how you feel is also very important, if not more so. Do you have symptoms of hypothyroidism (see list on main page).

If you FEEL hypo, and have the symptoms, you must tell your doctor and don't let them fob you off with saying your results are 'in range' ~ being in range is irrelevant and doesn't matter if you feel ill.

Most of us on here have problems with GPs and endocrinologists diagnosing and prescribing the correct thyroid meds and we have to be insistent and make it clear to them HOW WE FEEL.

So don't worry, post your results when you have them and let members know what SYMPTOMS you have and they will help you. You ARE entitled to a copy of your results, although you may have to politely insist on those too! I believe some surgeries charge a small fee for paper/printing but it's good to have them to post on here, and keep for a record of your progress.

This is a great site, with lots of knowledgable members who are always happy to help 😊 try to put a bit of info on your profile so they can see your story ~ this will make it easier for them to help you when you post for advice. Good luck and take care. 🌻🐝 x

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Tesss in reply to Mamapea1

Ta xxxxxxx

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