Driving whilst hypo

Hi everyone. I start driving lessons tomorrow and I am pretty nervous. I had them about 6 years ago and at the time was quite poorly but was being being told there was nothing wrong with me. I couldn't concentrate properly and just stopped them for everyone's safety! I am wondering if anyone else has problems with driving when Ill?. I am a lot better now health wise thanks to the fantastic people on here but pretty nervous about doing it all over again.

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  • My sister drives, (she is also hypothyroid ) and she only stops driving when she has an eye episode. She describes it as trying to look through a heat haze.

  • Thanks Glynisrose I hope it's better this time round.

  • I was falling asleep at the wheel before I was diagnosed.

  • This is what I was like during my last lessons. Was as if I were in a bubble and my reactions were super slow also.

  • You should be fine now. Hope it goes well.

  • Hi katiekatie, Best wishes for your successful driving lessons x If I couldn't drive I wouldn't be able to go anywhere without my husband or married daughter. There have been times when I wouldn't drive because I've known that I wouldn't have been able to give my full concentration. Good old fashioned common sense must prevail, if your'e not well don't drive. At least by taking lessons and passing your test you will have the choice as and when you drive. It will help your confidence and give you independence.

    My husband used to be a driving instructor, and you would be amazed at the various disabilities and mobility problems people have overcome to gain this independence.

    He taught one lady who was deaf, he used sign language and this lady passed first time. Try not to be nervous get into gear and go for it, you can do it girl xxx

  • Thank you. My lesson went so well and the instructer was super and very chilled out which put me at ease. I dont think it helped last time as my instructer seriously never stopped talking even when we got to turnings and round abouts. It wasnt about driving either!

    Onwards and upwards now I hope. Yes I really want the independence and also just to be able to take the kids on day trips more, say to the beach or anything really will be great. Also getting my two younger kids to and from school will be easier as we get 2 buses at the moment. Food shopping also will be less stressful.

  • Fantastic katiekatie, I am so pleased for you. Having a good instructor makes all the difference. Let us know your progress. x

  • I couldn't drive as I struggle to see distances, speeds, etc. Sometimes I can't even cross the road because and can't gauge where the cars are coming from or make sense of speeds. When I was even more ill, a lane of traffic just looked like one continuous blur of movement, I could barely tell there were individual cars going past!

  • That is a bit like I was like at first. I hope you get better. It's horrible when you get visual problems with it.

  • Hi! I have real struggle with driving sometimes. Because of poor concentration and I feel like my reflexes aren't what they used to be. It's difficult to make others understand it as well. It's not discussed much on this site so I'm not sure if it is thyro related. For me, it started after I was diagnosed and put on Levo. When I feel better, I do feel better driving too. Good luck and take extra care.

  • Yes I was really ill earlier this year and last and found driving quite hard. I have never had a problem in over 50 years and became quite nervous. I must say I am now feeling much better having taken T3 for six months and seem to be back to normal again. You will be fine if you are feeling good.

  • That first step is always the hardest! Hope things go well for you.

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