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We've finally received a letter with a diagnosis on it!. Jess' dermatologist has diagnosed her with hypothyroidism and also alopecia areata connected with hypo! My word it takes for a dermatologist to tell us what we've been trying to tell the endos for a while yet how daft it sounds I have more faith in a skin doctor!! We've got another appt to see endos on 14 of may fingers crossed if I wave this letter infront of them they'll surely treat her now?

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Hello, I assume that Jess is your daughter, and I have every sympathy with you. I know how hard it is to convince doctors that there is something wrong with your child. Keep reminding yourself that you know her better than any doctor who sees her for perhaps 5 or 10 minutes and makes a snap judgement based on numbers from a test tube.

I've often thought that GP's and endos have lost their way. They're like the traveller in Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". Once they take a particular route they stick with it, and it takes a new set of eyes to see what has been obvious to you all along. It took me many years to find out what was wrong with my daughter, but finally we know.

I wish you all the luck in the world when you next see the endo. Hopefully he will listen, but if you have further problems please remember that there are other routes to explore to help your daughter.

Jane x x


Hi Jane, yes jess is my daughter she's only 8 and having real problems even with her eyes as no ones willing to treat her as yet but now I have the proof I need I'm not letting them treat her like rubbish now, thank you, Stella.


Good luck. Do keep in touch. Jane x


It's impossible to believe how you have to fight for a diagnosis.

This is a link re twins who were diagnosed in childhood and were undertreated as adults.



This artical is really good

It is what made me wish I had been more knowledgable back in 1974.

Although my daughter didn't have a weight problem until she had her first child .. all her life she always wanted to sleep , had the blue shiners under her eyes, thin hair and constipation so bad she has been treated for piles since she was 11


So sorry to hear about your daughter Stella, and like you I have been given better treatment (though only a little) by a Dermatologist than an Endocrinologist. The trouble,I think, is that if they diagnose then they have to treat and that costs money (not theirs though - OURS). Do hope you manage to get some treatment for your daughter. My daughter (33) had a friend at school who had hormonal problems and alopecia aerata at the age of 8 and I know is doing quite well 25 years later. Wish you and your daughter well, Janet.


Hi mummy5 thats what happened to me i felt really ill started with a big sore on my arm that got bigger and bigger gp said it was fibromialgia eventually he sent me to a dematologist he took my bloods to try and find out what it was, i had autoimmune thyroid disease my antibodies were 810 was then sent to see endo. so glad she has been diagnosed and seeing endo she must have been feeling so ill and bet you were worried perhaps now they will do the right thing and treat her Best Wishes xx


Hi mummy5 have just been browsing and came across this new thing called Caboki hair loss breakthrough not sure if it will help have a look i think is really good may help your little girl xx


Thanks lifeback,she's being prescribed bimatoprost eye drops (for the side effects) it makes your hair grow and it's working she's only had it for two weeks she now has eyebrows and lashes she had none before I'll have a look though as its best to be prepared as we've learnt over the two years she's been poorly x


Shaws, I've just quickly looked through the pics alone and this is what's happened to jess she's a twin u see and her sister is a good 20cms taller than jess and jess is my chunky monkey :/ it's just like looking at my girls this is so strange thank you for putting it to me x


I hope your little girl gets well soon .. don't give up fighting.

I had to smile ... its amazing that a Dr qualified in another field can see and diagnose what someone who has specialised in thyroids can't see.

I was diagnosed by a gyneocologist ?

If its possible and you don't get satisfaction with your GP go to a private guy maybe Dr S

All the best xx


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