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Restless leg syndrome Chanel 5 10pm tonight


Hi all, Tonight in Chanel 5 there is a documentary on restless leg syndrome. If you have it or even if you don’t it’s so well worth watching it or grab it on catch up. I have Graves and had RAI. I was left with secondary restless leg. When I took thyroxine it was so severe it moved to my hand. The sensation was all down my right hand side. My whole right hand side felt like water was trickling down inside then my leg would just shack I would sit there my leg bouncing up and down then when it moved to my hand I was distraught. Mine was se severe I never had it at night mine was all day long hours on end it was so awful. Most people get it at night time but the night time in bed for me was the relief. I am now on T3 mono therapy. I only get it when I am unwell or if I have done too much. When you have it during the waking hours. People stare you find it hard to rise from sitting positions. Please all watch. You can have primary or secondary. It’s bloody awful when I get it I just want to cry. 😘

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Thanks. A friend suffers. I’ve let her know.

I was told it was caused by a magnesium deficiency. Have you tried Magnesium oil spray? I use it every day, several times a day, as it is easier than tablets going through the digestive system. I also had Graves (but thyroidectomy not RAI). Worth a try...

rubyred in reply to Hennerton

Hiya, I think maybe if it’s primary but mine was secondary and if secondary you need to correct the underlying health condition xx

humanbean in reply to rubyred

I've found quite a few things that have helped me.

I suffered for many years with restless legs, blepharospasm (affects the eyelids), twitching, spasms, cramp, the feeling of water trickling, benign fasciculations (search Youtube for examples of this). I didn't get all of these all the time, but most days and/or nights, sometimes for many hours, I would get one or more of them.

Improving my levels of iron, magnesium, and potassium helped. I'm sure there are other nutrients that help too.

Improving my T3 levels helped enormously as well.

I don't get that long list of things I mentioned any more, apart from once in a blue moon.

I hope you find the thing(s) which help you. I'm not aware that the medical profession can actually help with this issue, we each have to find out own solution(s).

Hennerton in reply to Hennerton

Which health condition is it? I am confused.

rubyred in reply to Hennerton

Hi hennerton my restless leg is secondary to my thyroid problem. Once you correct the underlying health condition for me thyroid and thyroxine didn’t match. My body was so sensitive after the RAI it still is but taking the T3 has stabilised me. I only get restless leg once in a while now when I’m tired or unwell. There are people who have it and don’t know what it is or how to help. It took me couple of years to work out what it was. It was my GP as I was so bad all through the day I couldn’t stand from a sitting position without support. X

Try using travel bands on your wrists. It really works!

rubyred in reply to Heathergray

Doesn’t work on secondary you need to correct the health condition before it eases. X

I had restless legs and p;ut myself on magnesium. Also someone I know was told by Dr Myhill years ago to take Vit E and Vit C and in 2 days RLS went. I make my own magnesium oil with magnesium flakes and water and spray transdermally.

I had restless leg before Graves or RAI! The thing that always helps me is B12. I was a vegetarian when it was the worst.

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