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Armour vs. ERFA

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Good morning all.

Three weeks ago I changed my script from Armour to ERFA largely for financial reasons. One of the symptoms that started me on this whole journey last summer with Armour NDT, aside from the physical list, is something I call my black head.

It’s a very dark, transparent mind-set that says I am disappearing, don’t belong here and I don’t want to do this life anymore.

It looks to anyone around me that I am fine, if a little quiet, but inside its exhausting trying to keep that voice from getting an upper hand.

And it had pretty much gone with 3 x 1/2gr of Armour for nine months along with many physical symptoms. My blood tests are much better. I was just running out of money.

Three weeks on ERFA, the dark mind is slowly seeping back in, and the last 5 days has been noticeably worse.

Then I remembered hearing ERFA is not as strong as Armour but the bottle specifically says do not exceed stated dose which is still 3 x 1/2gr.

So my question is would it be okay to increase to 4 x 1/2gr a day and see if that has an effect?

I could just do it, but wanted to check if there was a reason the bottle says do not exceed... Your feedback would be very much appreciated.

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With NDT you need what you need. Some people are on 4 grains, so your 3 x 1/2 grain is quite a low dose. You could try adding 1/4 grain and see how that goes. If you feel you need more in a couple of weeks, add another 1/4 grain.

Thank you for a very suggestion.

Much appreciated.

I don't think you need to increase by 1 grain in one go.

ERFA is slightly weaker than Armour

Armour 1grain: 38 mcg T4 and 9 mcg T3

ERFA 1 grain: 35 mcg T4 and 8 mcg T3

I would personally add 1/4 grain first and see how you feel. Sometimes, a slight adjustment can make a difference.

Brilliant. Two suggestions in agreement. I will try adding 1/4 to my day and see how it goes.

Much appreciated!


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credgrave in reply to Rapunzel

Wow. Thank you for this link. I've not read such a good case for taking my time. I am frightened and was really enjoying feeling good this last nine months. Who would choose to go back to feeling all that dark stuff again when maybe a pill would stop it. In my experience there is always a compromise in every outcome. Perhaps I will give it a bit more time first and then try another 1/4gr if I still feel like this. I appreciate your reply Rapunzel. Thanks. Food for thought

Smashing isn't it? Just paying it forward...someone posted this for me, years ago...glad it may help :)

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