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Armour or Erfa

I saw a private doctor today who practices functional medicine. He is willing to prescribe NDT but we struggled to conclude whether to try Armour or Erfa. He was of the understanding there had been some difficulties with Armour. I said I had read on this site that some people have struggled on Erfa. When I saw the pharmacist, he said there had been a shortage of Armour and it is more expensive. Any advice on which route to take would or information on either NDT would be appreciated. I have Hashimoto's. Thank you

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Nature-throid might be a suitable alternative and is available in the UK


hello Clutter- I have been following this link - I looked at this website - but cannot find a UK pharmacist ? Can you give me details please?

I am thinking of trying this - also I need to know what amount to take - I am on125mcg levothyroxine & am sure it is not working for me - please see my previous posts if needed

many thanks


Sutton, see Rod's reply below about UK pharmacies/NatureThroid etc. You will need a prescription unless you buy from an online pharmacy on the net.

If you post your bloods results with the lab ref ranges in a new question members will advise whether you are optimally medicated on 125mcg Levothyroxine.


I haven't tried Armour but I did Erfa and found it not too bad. I tried Naturethroid and it suited me and it is also hypoallergenic.


I've been on both over the years and haven't found a difference to be honest. I'm currently self medicating on armour (bought online) since Dr Skinner died. I would be interested to know who your doctor is if you could PM me his name & address please?

Hope you get it sorted soon. You could always telephone Springfield Pharmacy in Richmond on Thames as they deal with both armour and erfa and will be able to tell you about current availability. They are really helpful. Good luck!


Any UK pharmacist can supply desiccated thyroid products. For example, they simply need an account with the specialist importer Idis to obtain Armour. (Not certain if Idis handle Erfa, Nature-Throid, etc.)

Price may be an issue. Buying within the UK is likely more expensive than buying from abroad. And it can vary from one pharmacy to another.

This link has more information:



Armour is from USA, I self medicate on it. The price may be slightly higher due to a recent deadly virus among pigs, mainly piglets, that killed 8 million pigs. So they calculated a shortage and as a consequence an increase in price.


Thank you Estrellaliliana, I opted for Nature Throid in the end.


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