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So many horrible symptoms

Hi everyone sine having RAI for Graves‘ disease five years ago I feel my get up and go has gone everything is an effort overwhelming fatigue on wakening ,hot flushes, strange intermittent fluttering around thyroid area that can last hours . Constipation, muscles ache all over . Shortness of breath oxygen levels are 94%. Weight gain . Any exercise is a struggle although I push myself , have dry itchy skin and do not sleep well .

My GP will only check myTSH and states levels are fine . Been on levothyroxine 125 mcgs .

Can anyone shine any light on my recent blood results done privately

TSH 1..58

Free Thyroxine 21.7

Total Thyroxine T 4. 119.0

Free T3. 3.01

Thyroglobulin anti body. 13.100

Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies 13

Look forward to hearing for anyone . Due to see a NHS endocrinologist tomorrow as desperate to feel bit better if that fails then I am going private . Will give an update soon

Kind regards Annie I

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After Graves and RAI sadly most people simply do not feel well on levo and blood tests mean zip other than clearly your t3 is very low because your body cant convert the t4 into t3

Its highly likely you will onky get well on Natural Dessucated Thyroid and you may well have to take courage in both hands and self treat as my lot have had to do


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