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Heat Intlolerance


Morning everyone . I take Levothyroxine, just been upped to 100mg , I have Me and Fibromyalgia.

I have dreadful problems with sweating .

A hot drink triggers it , drying my hair, I can’t have a bath anymore , have cool showers , it’s a nightmare . I’m 56 , I had an hysterectomy when I was 38 , leaving my ovaries , I still went through an early menopause. My gp put my problems down to my age a few years ago, as did an endocrinologist. Put me on a different type of HRT . Elleste solo 2mg . I improved slightly .

Since then it’s gone worse again . It makes my life a misery , I get that hot my head feels like it’s exploding and it can trigger migraine .

I never go out in a coat , even in the very cold weather , I’m dreading the sunshine .

I don’t think my Gp as a clue , she’s referred me back to Rheumatologist, don’t see an Endo anymore .

I was wondering if anyone else goes through this and can shed any light on it .

Funny thing is my feet and hands are always cold .

Any help or advise would be very much appreciated.


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Hi, I was overshot from the age of 30 until the age of 60.

Most people are cold with hypo but a few of us are hot!

I more normal these days and actually wear my coats!

I hope things improve for you.

Hi , I always seem to be the exception to the rule . It’s so easy for the medical professionals to put it down to my age, when that part of my life left a good while ago.

Problem being , it’s getting worse . Dreading the warmer weather. I’ll be Hibernating.

It’s not just uncomfortable it’s embarrassing.

Funnily enough I have a low body temperature, never more than 35 .

I just live in hope one day it’ll disappear.

That should read overhot not overshot.

So, if your temperature is low, perhaps you need more replacement.

If you were more level perhaps the hot symptoms would ease like the cold symptoms for most people.

I felt better after I had read in Dr Skinners book that some of us overheat instead of being cold.

I’m going to read that book of Dr Skinners .

Always good to read up different perspectives .

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