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I now take my T4, 75mcg, at bedtime and my T3, 10mcg, at wakening in the morning. Endo appointment is coming up and I am doing my private testing again to monitor. If I test in the morning, will I not take my T4 the night before? And if I don’t take T3 in the morning will the gaps between taking either of them not be far too big? How do others do this and does it make a difference if I from now on always do it the same way so as to be able to compare it better at least. Any comments greatly appreciated!

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Hi elkewilliams, taking T4 at bedtime is good as many find it’s absorbed better T3 is good in the morning for many too. on the day of your test you can wait until after the test is taken and then take T3 and T4 together. As T4 is long acting it shouldn’t be a problem delaying this (or even omitting it for one day) and just delaying the T3 until after the test should not affect you too much, just have an early test. If you always do the same thing before a test, you know you’re comparing the same thing and you shouldn’t get inflated T3/T4 test results and it should give you a higher TSH.

Thanks, your comments help a lot!

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