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Toxic mould!


Could anyone recommend where to test for mycotoxins – poisonous metabolites, any reliable lab and if a blood test or urine is best for this? I have been looking into my symptoms and I found it peculiar that I lived in a very hot, humid and super mouldy apartment prior to my health going down the drain.. has anyone else been tested for mould related illnesses and if so is love to know your symptoms and if there’s a way to rid your body of it? It’s been two years of complete hell for me and this is one of the strongest links I found so far..

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No personal knowledge but you could work your way through the links Google throws up

You'll find far more references to the effects of mould (or mold in US) in forums devoted to ME/CFS. Try this one :

and this one :

Use the search feature to search for mould and mold in both forums. Both forums have sections devoted to members only, so to read those you will have to join.

Glaciera in reply to humanbean

Oh thank you, I was not sure where would be best place to ask! x

hi, I brought in Jeff Charlton from London to deal with my damp bungalow which had a severe mould problem. I'm in Cornwall UK.

It cost me a horrific c 1,000 pounds c. 5 years ago but I got a thorough report from him, and he took air samples which were sent off to US for identification [they are more aware and have more facilities on mould there than UK].

The report highlighted the levels of different types moulds, which were most toxic etc.

He also advised a clean up operation using professional application of biocides, and professional installation of a whole house dehumidifier [not merely a home ventilation system such as the lofty].

Google him, his firm is called building forensics. He advises governments on bio warfare, has been interviewed on radio, and knows a lot about mould and the dangers thereof!

Wishing you well.

Hope this helps.


Did you get rid of the mould? What did you do?

I've just tested positive for a black mould, stachybotrys chartarum using a blood sample. Not sure what to do next. We used to have damp, perhaps we still have it. We're in a standard 1930s semi.

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