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Anyone know where I can buy a good test to check for mould? Was talking to someone in the Candida group on FB regarding anxiety and depression and this lady said a mould problem was found to be causing her such severe symptoms. I have seen cheapy kits but have been told they arn't very reliable.

Just something else to discount because I have my suspicions

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  • Jefner,

    Don't know about a test as have never done one but below is a good link re Chris Kresser & mould.


  • Dr Myhill now has a section of the website covering mould. My advice is to check and treat your house and then to invest in a dehumidifier and air purifier using a monitor to check the moisture levels in your home as mould can't grow if the level is below 40%. And even at this time of year ventilate aggressively.

    This is the only company in the UK that is recommended but you need deep pockets:

  • cwill

    wow that is expensive

  • cwill

    I am wondering if my lounge carpet might be the culprit if there is a problem. I have Bissell carpet shampooer and I would normally clean my carpets once a year. I know for a fact I might have overdone the solution on areas and soaked the carpet too much although my Bissell was great for getting it all out leaving the carpets just damp. I have noticed though that the underlay is breaking up (was only cheap) and maybe there is mould there that I don't know about? If that's the case then replacing with a laminate floor would be better?

  • If that is the only area you are worried about and you are not showing signs then ventilate. I have had to clear my whole house that has has water damage in the past and has had two more severe leaks in the kitchen. There are more reasonably priced ways of ridding your house of mould but best not to let it take hold. So probably best in the long run to remove the carpet and thoroughly check for any sings of water damage.

  • cwill

    I have ordered two kits. One for my bedroom and the other for my lounge. I don't believe I have mould; it's just another thing to check I suppose along with all the many other tests I have done trying to find out my root cause. I have a concrete floor underneath the carpet and underlay. Think I prefer laminate anyway but such a big job moving everything

  • I have managed mould remediation but now can't visit national trust houses or most churches as they stink of mould. I am now very sensitive and can quickly tell if there is anything to cause a problem. Public loos can be off limits as I get symptoms very quickly that can take days to clear. My health is a lot better but obviously being so sensitive can cause problems. So please ventilate and try a humidity monitor (pretty cheap items) so that you have some idea of the levels in the house. Good luck and at least you are considering it.

  • cwill

    Just thoroughly cleaned the tray in my washing machine as it was all gunged up and I couldn't remember how to remove the draw, then it clicked...YouTube. Given it a good bleach and now have the machine on a 90deg wash

  • Yes you will have to be particularly vigilant in any damp areas. But be careful of using bleach to tackle known mould patches as this needs to be done using specific cleaners and in a certain way to stop spreading the issue further. Forewarned though.

  • cwill

    thanks hon but I don't have any known mould in my house apart from a little damp in my porch by my front door and that is always closed as it leads into my lounge

  • Healthy House sell kits for mould testing. Have a look at their web page.

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