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toxic throxine

surely it can't be coincidence that all (or most) of us are suffering the exact same symptoms!...

i could list at least 20 symptoms that are identical to others ranging from dry aching eyes to insomnia... even the same times falling asleep and lying awake... sooo many similarities.. I realize that hair loss and weight gain are normal for hypothyroidism but all the other symptoms sound more like poisoning to me.

I read that thyroxine has been found to have traces of fluoride in it and that is the worst thing possible for hypothyroidism!!! I would like other opinions on this because if the big Pharma are making millions out of us by keeping us unwell we should be forming a class action against the manufacturers of same!

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The major of the population do very well on it and have no need for a forum, that is why you don't hear all the positive results.


You are quite right it's been a goldmine for Big Pharma, blood tests and levo. Mind you a lot of people seem to be o.k. on levothyroxine but it's those of us who don't and are told there's only levo condemns us to lives of misery and relationships, maybe even lose jobs.

This is a link which you will find interesting and the topics are also at the top of the page. Links within might not work as Dr Lowe died two years ago but here's an absolute wealth of inf and he was like Dr Skinner, wouldn't be cowed by the authorities.


thanks shaws... very interesting! Haven't finished reading it but will continue after I have my dinner (prob different time to yours as in Australia). Will get back to you when I get a chance.

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Anything and everything can be a symptom of low thyroid. There are over 300 known symptoms - but there are probably many, many more things that go wrong because thyroid hormone is low.

Thyroid hormone, T3, is needed by every single cell in the body. When thyroid hormone is in short supply, the body has to make a choice to switch off certain receptors to keep the more important organs and systems working, to keep the body alive. The receptors chosen to be switched off won't necessarily be the same in everyone, that's why people have different symptoms.

But you're right that Big Pharma are making millions out of us, but they're doing it through lack of education for doctors, so that they can produce - and sell - a pill for every symptom we complian off. Statins for a start. They have made several small fortunes for BP.

I would like to see someone take a class action against BP. But, I won't be betting on the outcome. :)


Agreed! Just wishful thinking.. (referring to class action).

Same applies with anti depressants.. just about every symptom I have is met with doctors insisting that I need them.. no way!! Took them for a few years and was a zombie.. didn't care if I lived or died.. some people do need them and my Dr is convinced that I do but no more CHEMICALS will be invading my body. Too many doctors are prescribing anti depressants for just about anything and everything!


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