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Taking T4, T3 and lansoprazole at the same time

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I'm new to this site and what a godsend it is. I've had the same problem as everyone else with GPs not recognising the need for T3. Have seen an endo privately and now have a private prescription for T3 that the dispenser at my GPs practice fills for me and I pay cash for . Thyborg Henning 20mcg £44.44 for 50 tabs.

However can anyone tell me if it is wrong to take my T3, T4 and lansoprazole at the same time. I'm taking the 3 first thing in the morning.

Further reading on this site is educating me on the pitfalls of PPI's and I will be weaning myself off them.

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Am not sure that is a good idea. How long have you been taking a PPI ? If for more than 8 weeks - then it is possible you will be LOW in B12 - Folate - Ferritin & VitD - have they been tested ? If those results are low in range then your Thyroid hormones will not be well utilised in the body.

Do you have any thyroid results with ranges you could share ? Do you have Hashimotos ? Maybe you have low stomach acid and not high.

Welcome to the forum :-)

Thanks for that Marz

I have been taking PPI for about 2 years on and off, I think you may be right about low stomach acid.

Neither GP nor endo have even mentioned Hashimotos, I am waiting for copies of my blood results from the endo who is not very forthcoming.

I am taking B12 and vit D supplements daily 3 or so hours after T3 & T4.

My endo mentioned that my ferritin levels were high on my last 2 draws and suggest that my GP follow this up. Hemochromatosis has been ruled out.

I will share thyroid results when I've accessed them.

Thanks so much for your help

When you have your results with ranges - start a new post so more people see them and can comment :-)

Thanks Marz will do.

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It is not a good idea to take anything but thyroid hormones on their own.

Other medications/supplements are usually taken 4 hours apart.

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With hypothyroidism, it is more probable we have 'low stomach acid' rather than high. As doctors or endocrinologists appear not to know this common problem and as 'symptoms' are near identical they are swift to hand out Antacids.

Many of our members take digestive enzymes with meals or Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water or juice (a few teaspoons).


That's outrageous, how can GPS not know that?

Think I will go down the apple cider vinegar route.

The link made good reading thanks, this is all a very steep learning curve, thankfully there are many very knowledgeable contributors on this forum to assist. It's much appreciated

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Tropicalgardener18

Doctors willingly give prescription for symptoms (they know none and before the blood tests along with levothyroxine were introduced we were diagnosed upon clinical symptoms alone). This will also surprise you and doctors know none of it:-



I was prescribed it for severe indigestion I used to be in so much pain, later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Looks like the GP didn't put two and two together.

I'm learning a lot from this forum, better late than never I guess

Hi! I go to a private endo, but it's £200 each time. I was wondering if my GP can write a private prescription based on his letter to her? When you say that the dispenser fills your prescription, what do you mean? I take Thybon Henning too but fly to Dublin with the private prescription.

Hi, My health centre has its own pharmacy/ dispensary and although the doctor is not allowed to prescribe T3 herself (due to cost) she is perfectly amenable to her dispenser locating and supplying Thyborg Henning for me so long as I pay for it. The first batch that I had was aquired just on the strength of a letter from my private endo. The second batch I had a prescription from the endo stating a preference for Thyborg Henning, no problem from my doctor they were happy to oblige.

BTW I live in Wales don't know if things are different in England.

Good luck with getting your script filled although Dublin is fun with good shopping!!

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