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Chronic Fatigue & Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue last May. A friend of mine who is Hypo, went to see Dr Peatfield - he who wrote 'Your Thyroid and How to Keep it healthy'. She insisted I go too because he was so good, so my brother funded the trip and I am on benefits. I've been taking the adrenal and thyroid medicine he prescribed but if I take 2 tablets I get bad headaches in the morning - which I never used to have, so I'm on half the dose I'm supposed to be on. lately I've developed a v small cataract. The medicine has made my pulse stronger and my blood pressure is normal after being low for years, but my basal body temp is still low at 35.5. Does anyone have any experience of Dr Peatfield - or Dr Myhill who prescribes similar adrenal and thyroid medication? My last TSH test was 0.46. Peatfield has been seriously ill since New Year so is not back at work yet.


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Dr Peatfield transformed my life.I believe the basal temperature is the last thing to rise.It May take a while.


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