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Any advice please?

Hi, I have hyperthyroidism and my last bloods week and a half ago were:

TSH: 0.02(0.5-5.5)

Free T4: 10.5 (7-17)

I was on 30mg of carbimazol and have reduced to 15mg a day. I have been getting more constipated, tired, itchy scalp and puffy eyelids, my heart is not as fast as when I was diagnosed but still higher than normal.

What is going on should I be taking more carbimazole or is my dose making me hypo? I am so paranoid I should be taking a higher dose! Please if anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated!

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Your results are not Hyperthyroid

Your T4 is low ....we need freet3 too

But on face of things you have been kicked into Central Hypothyroid


Hi, thank you for your message. That's what I thought too but was worried as my heart is still fast, my GP says I'm still hyper and that I should take 30mg even though my t4 was nearly at the bottom end of scale a week and a half ago. I have only taken 15mg as I feel they were overmedicating me.


Even Hypothyroid can create heart issues ...i think you need to go with your gut feeling ...i know my husband was overmedicated when he had Graves

Just keep a close eye on your symptoms ...stress and adrenal issues can affect the heart take loads of vitamin C ....your own fresh squeezed orange juce or just eat oranges not ascorbic acid or carton / stuff thats been pasteurised so kills vit c


Thank you, I think that is what my gut is saying, I will find out my next levels on thursday after my test so will see what's happening, this is all so confusing and scary not knowing what's going on and still not knowing the cause of it. I wish GP's would know more about it I feel so let down and that continuing on 30mg would mean I have no t4 left!

I will have to buy some oranges, I only have the vit c dissolvable ones, why are these no good? Thank you


Synthetic vit c is made from corn and it really is not as good in your situation ...sadly Graves Disease is an auto imune disease ...what illness is their in your family ...my husbands mother had severe Endometriosis ...now our daughter and grandaughters both have that and also Hashimotos Hypothyroid like my husband so its inherited


Ah I see, I will have to stock up on oranges thank you for the tip. My uncle has an underactive thyroid but no one else in the family. Arthritis is in some of my relatives though and I have polysistic ovaries but not the syndrome. I have been under a lot of stress in the last two years after the birth of my daughter after an awful delivery & recovery and need further surgery and also had an ectopic last year. Maybe that triggered it all off!


Could well be that the birth etc was the thing that triggered matters ...its probably upset the pituarity

I think theres a bit more to this as your results are not typical of Graves ....you neeed to push the Endo to do more tests ...its possible you might have bith graves and hashimotos acting in tandem or it might be theres a problem with your pituarity

On no account accept RAI as a solution becos that will cause more problems

you will need to be very assertive and insist on full explanations for what do not seem to be classic Graves results

I would want checks that theres nithing from ectopic left causing hormone disruption


Hi. The only antibody my GP could test was the TPO and it was negative which makes the hashimotos unlikely from what I've read? My original free t4 was 35.5 (7-17) but the 30mg of carbimazole has bought it down quite fast. Apparently GP said the endo will carry further tests out, I guess the ones for graves. I had to have emergency surgery with the ectopic and the removed my fallopian tube, I can't imagine anything left? I do think things sparked off after that though as it was traumatic.


I have read that the RAI is not good and I do not want this at all, I will have to find some good reasons to object if they offer it. Can I ask is the uptake scan the same thing as RAI as I don't want that either. I'm hoping as my levels changed with carbimazole quickly I could stick with that!


The uptake scan is not such a huge concern ...but thyroid ablation ( just a little drink as they like to claim ) sure as hell does

It can trigger severe Thyroid Eye Disease and a host of very hard to treat problems

Either surgury or RAI often means you cannot get well on levothyroxine and need NDT( natural dessicated thyriod ) which is what was safely used for over 100years till levo was grandfarthered in without testing and of course the NHS wont want to prescibe that

They ought to prescribe T3 but they have mostly outlawed that too

Levo us cheap so thats all they will dish out and its useless for many people


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