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I am 53 years old and I have hypothyroidism which I was confirmed as having in 2013 but I think I have had it for very many years before. My GP noticed I have a long history of being unable to convert T4 to T3 and I was referred to an endocrinologist who agreed my conversion was poor.

The endocrinologist said I would be better adding T3 to my 150mcg Levothyroxine. I started feeling better on this and then my endocrinologist left the hospital and I was given a new endocrinologist who I now see, he has been saying that he will not support the use of T3 because he is anti-T3.

I am still waiting to see my endocrinologist 5 months on and he said he will keep me on clinic list until November 2018. I went back to my GP and he has said he cannot understand why I was taken off T3 in the first place because my levels looked better and if I felt better what was the problem?

I had bloods done to see if thyroid is functioning ok, I don't feel ok at all. I have been waking up early, getting headaches, bloating and trapped wind, joint pain, dry skin, cracks at corners of mouth, irritability, hard stool, depression, memory loss, dry mouth.

Advice appreciated, thank you in advance.

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These anti T3 endos have no business wrecking patients lives

If you were clearly better on T3 you should stay on T3

The big issue is cost cutting by NHS via devious behaviour by CCGs


Thank you, I explained to my GP what this consultant had done, the previous consultant had said if I feel better on it I should stay on it. GPs I have been with before have said the one who prescribed me the T3 is the best consultant in the region. She left the trust to go on maternity leave and has not returned to the hospital. I went from November 2016 to June 2017 with no support and just thyroid bloods being monitored by GP regarding the taking of T3 then I get taken off it.


You have to complain to your local MP. TUK have some action going on and I am in the process of writing to mine too.

Endocrinologists have made up their mind, was it Big Pharma whose T4 was being affected by people switching or adding T3.

Besides if we have Organisations who spread rumours we, the patients, are kept very, very unwell.

NDT for instance has been used safely since 1892 in different forms up until quite sometime after the introduction of levothyroxine and slowly, slowly, the option of NDT or T3 was withdrawn and made levo alone.

Who can we trust to be honest when the Authorities (who are not scientists) can make False Statements about thyroid hormone replacements which have been shown to be safe in use for many, many years and also suited many people as well.

Despite Doctor Lowe requesting a yearly response for three years they never did respond and we, the patients, are worse off.

We used to get NDT prescribed, or T3, now levo alone and my body for one remained very unwell on it and my stomach turns over, even now, at the thought of having to take it again as my body revolts. I just couldn't as many others cannot also.

Who made the statement "lies, lies and more lies".

Those who take NDT and have recovered know it isn't true.

Those who take T3 and have recovered know it is not true.

The fact that the Authorities are determined to keep people very unwell - some who may have taken their own life (we know of one) and others who've thought about it so unwell they become.

Please follow the advice on the following link:

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You need to write to the hospital. State the bta December 2016 guidelines which say if you’re well on t3 you should stay on t3. Explain how your health has deteriorated.

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I'm just wondering if all the Endo/Dr's that don't allow or prescribe NDT/T3 for their patients . Are they themselves and their loved ones are also on Levo Only ????? Or are they immune to thyroid ailments ?????

Inquiring mind wants to know ??????????


Well, with endocrinologists like this:-

he has been saying that he will not support the use of T3 because he is anti-T3.

We are anti-endo because he talks a lot of nonsense like some of these super-dooper doctors who 'think they know' but have absolutely no clue of the benefit to patients of adding T3 or prescribing. He may be anti-T3 due to cost but that cannot be laid at the patients' feet. They've been looking for an excuse for a long time. Cost has become the ulterior motive whilst leaving patients high and dry.


Omg, this has me freaked out🤤I'm hypo, GP dr., from my previous correspondence here, its shown no wonder i feel bad. Ok, i sorta have a plan, im on armour 50mg, was 60, my tsh is almost 8. Instead of going up in med., she down, no testing on b12, folate, etc. I just requested a new blood draw, as dr., isn't seen till mid July. I need to get my #, so I'm informed, why I'm not well. Get a referral into thyroid clinic, not go care. I live alone, have no one at this rate, I'll be dead in a year, alone...this news is horrific, unbelievable in this day and age.


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