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I have been on Nature Throid for 18 Days still do not feel any better is it time to increase ?


Hi could you please advise me on dosing ?

I was on Levo 75mg which I stopped and switched onto NDT

My bloods were TSH 5.75 FT4 14.5 FT3 4.3

TPO Antibodies 450 (34)

I have been on Nature Throid for approx 18 days now I started on 1/2 for a few days then was advised to increase to 3/4 as I started to low ! which I have for two weeks then increased to 1 grain been on 1 grain but still feeling incredibly fatigued and tired ! Is it too soon to increase or shall I stick on 1 Grain for a few weeks ?

Thankyou so much for any advice it is very much appreciated .

Kazbe 😀

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As you have Hashimoto's have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested?

These need to be at good levels

Are you on strictly gluten free diet.

Kazbe in reply to SlowDragon

Hi Slow Dragon

I am strictly gluten free and I take 3000 Vit d K2 M7 B12 spray 1200 I don't take iron or folate last time I had my ferritin tested was may 2017 it was 70 the DR classed that as normal but I think that's quite low ! I think I do need to get some blood tests soon but they will have to be private as my GP will only do them yearly!

Thanks for the advice

Kazbe 😀

From your TSH and antibodies I would say that you are still under medicated. I would add another half a grain, keep an eye on your pulse rate, body temp (basal) and blood pressure. If all stay stable then add a second half a grain. at two grains this is still a pretty low dose for Nature Throid. Make sure the vitamins and minerals as SlowDragon lists above are all at least at mid range, I would also add some selenium. But with all of these factors measure them first before you supplement.

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