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Looking for private endocrinologist in Oxford, URGENT!



I have got urgent referral from my GP today. Thyroid level (T4) is high and feeling really bad, temperature, neck swallowed etc.

I have spent almost an entire day to find a clinic near to Oxford but couldn't find anything trustful. If you have good experience with an endocrinologist, please advice his/her name.

Many thanks


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Why has your doctor urgently referred you to a non-NHS endocrinologist? How can he refer you to someone he doesn't even know the name of?

Why won't he refer you to someone working in the NHS?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Knowing the waiting time in NHS, I asked her to refer me to private one since my company covers the medical insurance. But now I'm in trouble because can't find anything trustworthy. The medical insurance database seems very old, most references pointing to either dead email addresses or phone numbers.

This is my first experience with the medical insurance company and seems going to be the last one! Do you happen to know how long NHS waiting can take say in RedCliff Oxford?

I think it would depend on the nature of your problem. If your Free T4 is very high, suggesting that you are hyperthyroid then one would hope that you would be seen quickly. If you are having problems with a fast heart rate as a result of the high levels of thyroid hormone then your GP should be willing to prescribe temporary beta blockers to keep the lid on things while you wait. But I'm not hyperthyroid, so I'm probably not the most reliable person to give you info.

Thyroid UK keeps a list of endo and doctor names of those who have been helpful to patients with thyroid problems in the past (all names have come from patients). They add and remove names according to the feedback they receive.

You can email Dionne at Thyroid UK


tell her which area you are looking for an endo, what problem you have and she will give you some names (if there are any suitable ones).

You can then look them up on the web, try to find out how long their waiting lists are, and ask on here for feedback on any you are interested in seeing. To get feedback, write a new post and ask for feedback from anyone who has seen Dr or Mr whatever their name is. All answers will have to be sent by private message, people can't leave feedback in public. Your request for feedback is likely to be closed (but people can still read it and respond to you via PM) to make sure people don't reply publicly.

Thank you so much, very helpful. I have just contacted Dionne, will follow your advises.

Many thanks for your help and I hope all goes well with your case too. Can't give any advice (yet!) , learning.

I forgot to mention that the Thyroid UK list of doctors and endos is a mixture of NHS and private. There is no guarantee that you will get some of each.

Hi, this is very odd. Your doctor should know what medication to put you on !! (Over or under active) sounds like your doctor NHS free, doesn't know what to give you? I live close to oxford uk. All the doctors I know, know their stuff. Odd. you should only need to see a private endo if the medication doesn't work.

Hi, my Enocrynolgist is based in Bristol, but it would be more than worth it to travel!

Her name is B and she works at the BRI and The Spire for private patients.

Hope that helps X

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Your response has been edited in order to anonymise the doctor

26. Do not post information about specific endocrinologists or doctors on the main board without their permission as this may result in unwanted attention from certain areas of the medical profession. If you wish to discuss a particular endocrinologist or doctor, you may mention his/her name and location, providing that you ask for comments by private message only.


You can, of course, send the name to lilitasatrian by Private Message.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will spend try to find someone near, will spend couple of days, if not, will contact Bristol. It if would be one of consultation I would commit for Bristol, but I'm sure there will be multiple visits and not sure I can do it with my current state of health.

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hello Kerrim I am interested in your reply to a question requiring an endocrinologist and that you go to one in Bristol. Is she sympathetic to our situation in wanting to be optimal rather than just in the margins - I went to one at the Spire and he did not believe in any of the nuances of treatment. If you are happy with yours and she is happy to treat with T3, which mine was not, then I would be very interested to have her details and I will go and see her myself. Thank you Ann

Have sent you a PM :)

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I would also be interested in knowing of an endocrinologist in the Oxford area that is sympathetic to our situation and who is willing to treat with T3. So many of them will not offer it to us, even if they are a private consultant. Ann

Welcome to the forum! If you could give us more info we may be in a position to give you some interim advice. So have you already been diagnosed and if so with what. Have you those readings you have mentioned and can you post them with your ranges, ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab. With those we may be able to help with advice of what might be happening or prepare you with questions to ask once you get your appointment. Hope you get some good suggestions.

Hi, yes I have some results from blood test. TSH = 0.04, T4=23.3, T4=6.5. I also have tender goitre which is quite painful and constant temperature of 37.8- 38. My main worry is pain in thyroid gland area, sleepiness, sweating, and constant feeling of fainting. Does this give enough info?

It would be helpful if The ranges were given for these results please

Professor John Wass is based at the Manor Hospital on the Banbury Road. Supposed to be very good.

Greg Sadler is also NHS and the Manor Hospital Oxford, I received treatment from him in the Manor and he was excellent!

Dear all, thank you so much for your replies, sorry I can't answer them one by one. You answers were incredibly useful. I will follow your advice, ask for additional blood test from NHS. I have booked an appointment with John Wass today. I hope that in couple of weeks time I will be back to the forum all treated and can give advise to other people like you did today. Many thanks again. Lilit

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