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Index Finger pain...carpel tunnel or arthritis?


My right finger seems swollen and has been for couple of weeks now. When I bend or move it, it hurts. Particularly hard at work scrolling a mouse! Left hand is similar but not as bad.

I don't have tingling associated with Carpel so wondered if it was inflammatory linked to arthritis instead?

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Could also be Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Very easily done.

Google for 'pain from overuse of mouse' and you'll find plenty of helpful websites.

I've had something similar recently and I've changed to a different form of mouse. At work they might be able to let you try some different types of mouse. You don't want to let it go on too long and nor do they.

This site looks useful

Thanks Anthea, I think you're right, my work is very mouse intensive but I am sure I have it at the right position (Workstation assessment done) maybe I need a different type?

Another thought - you can get a 'touchpad mouse' which is effectively the touchpad as on most laptops, but separate.

Just had a look on Amazon, because I thought I had seen one somewhere - several of the customer comments said how useful it was because they had RSI. Worth a try. May need to get used to it.


There's lots of posts connecting Carpal Tunnel & Thyroid see list upper right --->

it can cause finger pain, in my case it was low Vitamin D :)

Gout? Does that affect fingers?

It does but more so feet

Try massaging with Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton pads. Also buy Acupressure Massage Rings - Su-Jok - from Amazon.

Are VitD levels good ?

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No idea about the vit d, will look at your recommendation, thank you

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VitD is good around 100.

it sound like the start of arthritis my finger started to hurt and swell when I was in my mid sixties. When I mentioned it to a friend who teaches ti quando she put me onto Glucosamine & Chondroitin and I have been taking them with breakfast every morning for 8/9 years now and no problems with my finger. I did stop for 2/3 months some 6 or so years ago and the swelling and pain returned so I know that they work for me.

what you are describing really doesn't sound like carpal tunnel - which wouldn't result in any swelling. It would not only result in tingling/numbness in fingers but can also lead to shooting pains up the arms.

I'm thinking it's RSI

Aka your Dr to test you for psoriatic arthritis, they thought my daughter had RSI from her typing job when she was 16. It turned out to this inflammatory arthritis which is an autoimmune disease

Hi Gillybean129,

Unfortunately it might be arthritis, :( I have it in my middle finger and index finger on left hand. Can't bend either fingers fully or grip well. My right hand is ok, which is good as I am right handed!

I do take a vitamin D supplement.

Take care :)

My Mum had arthritis :(

I think it can be heredity as well as I think I have inherited it from my grandmother.

My two affected fingers are quite nobbly on the joints :( Can be quite painful especially in the cold. I bought a pair of those special gloves with the copper in it for arthritic hands and they do help especially when crocheting.

Pains of getting old/older lol :(

Well worth getting vit d tested, i Went for appt to discuss probable menopause and arthritis in my thumb (joint was slightly swollen, tender and clicking when i bent it). After bloods, came away with hypo and vit d deficiency diagnoses! Now I have optimal thyroid levels and fixed my vit d my thumb is pain, swelling and click free. The joint is still slightly thicker on that thumb though. I now find that when my thumb seems to start to ‘catch’ again my thyroid meds also need raising so its quite a useful indicator. Sorting vit d also cured the supposed fasciitis i’d had in my feet for years!

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