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A/E again :(


for a few weeks i felt 'off'

last monday i went to drs with iffy chest and sore throat

told viral infection and to take pain killers and wait it out

yesterday my chest was really hurting and it felt like i was breathing through a pillow with a bad sicky feeling and i couldnt get to see a dr so went to A/E

had ecg, bloods and chest x ray

all was good dr said it was my chest cavity and anxiety and to continue with pain killers and diazepam when needed

all very well but im allowed 14 a month so waiting it out really without taking them :(

i feel lousy no energyy at all

i know its not the CBD oil as was unwell before, im laying off it for a while so i can take pain meds ect without worrying about the time gap between

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Sorry you haven't had a reply Mandy, I hope you feel better soon. J

No energy comes with any auto immune disease. U should look into that.

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