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Black cumin seed oil vs rooibos tea

Potentially, money saving news for anyone interested.

From what I have read this week, many of the benefits claimed for black cumin seed oil are also claimed for rooibos red tea drink.

I can list them all in a follow up post if anyone is that bothered.

It opens the interesting possibility of say drinking 3-6 cups of red tea and greeting all the benefits I am getting from paying 12 quid for 2 months supply of black cumin seed oil capsules.

This has all come about as I am cutting back a lot on black coffee and am needing a strong tasty alternative - I take 2 bags and let them brew in the cup. It needs to be thick and strong after all the dark roast black coffee I have been living on.

So why the move to cut back on coffee?

The magic of magnesium - just don’t feel the absolute need I did over the past year. It seems once mag comes into balance everyone else seems to sort itself out - happy days !

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I found no noticeable benefit from black cumin oil.


Did you take the “strong” version of the capsules - milder versions not much use - very brand specific ?


"Black Gold" no idea on the strength.