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Blue horizon test results

Could someone give advice on my test results please, if I'm reading them right they don't seem that bad, I have been taking supplements.

UIBC 32.1 umol/L ref.(2.5 - 4.9)

iron 22.2 ref.(6.0 -34.5)

Total iron binding 54.3 ref.(45 - 70)

Trans saturation 40.9 % ref. (15 - 45)

Folate (serum) 26.3 ug/L ref. (3.9 - 26.8)

Ferritin 107.0 ug/L ref. (13 - 150)

Vit D 112.8 nmol/L ref. (75 - 200)

I would appreciate any advice thank you kat

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Yes they look pretty good

No B12?

If you supplement it won't tell you much anyway


Thanks for your reply.

My B12 was over range 798 ref. (197 - 771) probably B12 in more than one of my supplements I take, so I will watch out for that.

I went to a spire hospital to have my blood drawn through Blue Horizon but Medicheck ? do blood testing by finger prick with DIY kit and then you post it. Do you think they are just as good for reliable results because they seem to be cheaper? thanks kat


You can do finger prick test with either company, or get private blood drawn for either.

Medichecks are currently running 15% off offer


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