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T3 destinations

Hi all,

If I were to go abroad ESPECIALLY to purchase T3 (Liothyronine) over the counter without prescription which country would you choose to DEFINITELY make sure you have success?

Does anybody know if they sell it over the counter in Amsterdam?

I do have a private prescription from my endocrinologist (as we all know at least £800 a go in the UK! 😡😤) but will countries abroad take a private prescription from the UK?

I’m thinking just to take a cheap flight to somewhere random as it will be cheaper than purchasing here, but don’t want to then spend that money on a flight and be unsuccessful.

All advice gratefully received.

Thanks so much to you all ❤️

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NHS prescriptions conform to the standards required for use in the rest of the EU. You would have to check if a private prescription does (I remember the days of a doctor's signature being all that was required!)

I do not know anywhere in the EU that you can still buy T3 without prescription - despite some people managing to do so at times. Others might!

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You can use private prescription to buy Thybon Henning T3 online from Germany. But prescription must say 20mcg Liothyronine x 100 as only comes in boxes of 100. Cost 30 euros plus P&P

Sanofi - French T3 is 25mcg and probably boxes of 28 - As this is 25mcg tablets can order via UK Pharmacies, if they are helpful. Slightly cheaper than German option I believe.



Tiromel T3 is available over the counter in pharmacies in Turkey. 1 packet contains 100 x 25mcg tablets in blister packs costs <€4. Pharmacies may not hold a large stock so if you want more than one or two packets you should order 48-72 hours in advance.

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