Dithyron T3/T4 combination, anyone tried it?

Hi everyone. I had a total thyroidectomy in 2013. Never really recovered back to full health after that, got pensioned off my job at age 30 and have been rendered "disabled". At my wits end and have been plagued with lots of other autoimmune diseases since thyroidectomy. I have chronic pain and had the diagnosis of "fibromyalgia" on top of everything.

I have done a lot of research and very much believe that the fact that thyroidectomy patients are ONLY given T4 (levothyroxine) in the UK, that is why we have so many residual problems and always seem to be hypothyroid but on lab tests we are in the "perfect" zone.

I went privately in Edinburgh and seen Dr Toft a few years ago and he suggested T3/T4 but my GP was having NONE of it. Therefore I had no choice but to continue with levothyroxine.

I have now purchased Dithyron online without a prescription (yes I know it is not ideal) and am taking matters into my own hands and IF I feel great with these then I will be demanding a private prescription from the GP. Dithyron is only available in Greece and you can buy it OVER THE COUNTER - YES!!!!

Please can you all tell me how you get on with T4/T3 combo and it would be great if you are thyroidectomy patients also.

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  • It all depends how well you convert, how well you get on with it. I took Euthyral (100 mcg T4, 20 mcg T3) here in France, and it was better than T3 only, but there wasn't enough T3 in it for me. I'm now on T3 only, so perhaps I'm an unusual case. :)

  • Same here, I have been on T3 only for 7 years (6 months after diagnosis).

  • Cocobella,

    Why didn't you buy Uni-Pharma T3? You could have added that to your prescribed Levothyroxine.

  • I posted about Dithyron some time ago. I live in Crete. It should be fine to use if the dose balance suits your needs. My Accountant takes it 😊

  • Hey Marz just trying to help Cocobella if a Greek holiday is on the horizon...don't suppose you know if there are similar problems with accessing say, a year's supply of Dithyron as there is with T3 at the moment OTC in Greece ? 🤔

    The thing with buying T3 alone is that it gives you more opportunity to tweak things; then again if it's more readily available...

  • Will check it out when I am next out and about drug running ! Failed miserably yesterday trying several pharmacies for T3 .... there is still an issue and I am fearful ....

  • 😱

  • May I ask what the problem is with obtaining Greek T3?

  • I have just explained above .... there isn't any in the pharmacies. Manufacturers are restricting supplies to distribution warehouses - who have been selling on - at a profit no doubt - rather than supply the pharmacies here. Excessive amounts have been sold onto the sites we read about on this forum - so they are trying to keep control - or even keep up. It has been talked about in the Greek News Blogs and T3 is not the only pill involved.

  • Whilst at the moment buying online seems largely unaffected, although orders are fulfilled in fits and starts, supplies in Greece are difficult, from conversation with those living there.

    Some places have none at all and some have just one packet, I've been told. Anyone planning to sweep in, buy a few years' worth and sweep out should think again as I write, I'm afraid :( My holiday to the mainland is at the beginning of May and if there's any change in the situation I'll flag it up.

  • No doubt owing to recent changes where GPs cannot or refusing to prescribe, forcing many ofus to purchase our own - clearly has had an impact.

    If this is not the cause it must have contributed to it.

    I hope that they can resolve this soon for Greece. It's worrying.

    On a brighter note, I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  • I had the same in the same year but at an advanced age. I am horrified at your job treatment at your age. Not at all supportive.

    I have given up on Levo and am not prepared to fight any more to get balanced treatment so - I am self medicating with Nature Throid. Am a different person with energy to do all of that I want to do!

    I will pm you about my source but it is costly.

    You have to see an endocrinologist but a relaxed one who will be able to treat you with T3, though they are not supposed to prescribe it on NHS.


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