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Still suffering symptoms

Hi, I posted on here a few months back asking for advice about my thyroid function test. I posted after I got the results which were negative. I asked if the test could be wrong as I still had symptoms. I had a couple of comments which were very helpful. On these comments I went back to my GP and asked if I could have a more in depth test which he refused, the reason being, that I don’t need anymore tests as the tsh and free T3 came back as negative. He would not do the Free T4 or the antibodies as further testing as they were not needed.

I am getting worse, my weight is going up even though I live on salads, fruit, veg and lean protein. I’m so tired and fatigued I can hardly get out of bed, my skin is so so dry, hair falling out and so it goes on. I can’t function. Today, I tried to clean the bathroom, it took me 1and a1/2 hours I was so slow, I became breathless. I had to rest all afternoon. My mind is all over the place, confused, forgetfulness, not with it if anyone is talking to me.

Admitted, I do have Lupus, which I know can cause some of the symptoms stated above, but, my Lupus is behaving at the moment, I’ve had recent blood tests to prove this. So, at my wits end as to what to do next. Any advice or help to put me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Did you actually see your results yourself?

Usually doctors run basic blood panels I.e liver, kidneys, bone profile, iron

You also had thyroid.

Can you look through the print outs and check if any mentioned are either near or outsiders the ranges.


Thanks for reply Trelemorele. No I didn’t see results. I am going to try to get a print out from surgery and post on here.

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Are you sure it wasn't TSH and FT4 that were tested? FT3 is rarely tested in primary care and the standard thyroid tests are TSH and FT4. Ask your surgery for a print out of your test results and post them, with reference ranges, for members to comment.

You can do a home fingerprick blood test with Medichecks or Blue Horizon to get a full thyroid panel which will include antibodies too.

Medichecks often have theirs on offer on Thyroid Thursdays with a £10 discount


Yes SeasideSusie! You are right I got the numbers muddled pensioner moment lol! Thanks for reply. I am seriously thinking of paying for a private test.


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