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New to forum - looking to buy Erfa/Natural Thyroid without prescription please

Hi all, could someone please message me of where to buy Erfa (if possible) without prescription, or something similar, with not much fillers and I can take sublingual. I have digestion issues, so that is better for me. I would like to buy urgently as fee so unwell on T4. I have tried Erfa in the past. thanks

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Hi welcome, it would be helpful to other members if you posted some of your past history with the details of your medication and any blood test results, OK? They would then be encouraged to help you with the information that you require.


Thanks BunnyJean. My history is quite complicated, and my blood tests are all over the place. I was taking NDT for about 7 years, and this was stopped by the GP, I was put back on T4 and T3. My TSH is suppressed at 0.05. I have just had blood tests done, and can post them when I get the results, I feel like this is not working. The NDT didn't relieve all my symptoms, but feel unwell on the T4.which is why I would like to go back to the Erfa if possible asap. I am not too well at the moment, and little energy. I am seeing the Endo in a couple of weeks so wil be able to post rings in more details then. thanks



NDT is designed to be swallowed whole with water and to be absorbed via the gut. The T3 and T4 molecules are too large to be absorbed sublingually.


Clutter. I didn't realise this! Thanks for pointing this out. I have trouble with my gut, which is why I always did sublingual. Hopefully, someone will post where to buy and I will try with water. :)


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