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Obtaining T3

Does anyone have the latest information on the ready availability of T3 over the counter in places like Cyprus and Greece - or anywhere else, such as France or Germany?

I'm one of those people who has been waiting for the second half of my order from the well known Cyprus online seller since March 2017 so I'm considering travelling abroad to see if I can buy any over the counter, myself.

Thanks for any input.

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The company which has supply in its name has still not fulfilled orders from March and April 2017. They are still trading and still offering Uni-Pharma T3 on their website but have been supplying Ikaros Laboratoire T3 instead.

Uni-Pharma T3 requires a prescription in Greece now but you may find some pharmacies which will sell one or two packets without prescription.

I dont believe T3 has ever been available over the counter in Cyprus.

Tiromel T3 is available over the counter in Turkey.


Thank you Clutter - the company you speak of is the one I'm waiting for my order since last March!

I thought it was available over the counter in Cyprus so that's annoying as I have relatives going there!



If you email the company they may send you something. One or two members have recently had orders sent.

No harm in them asking in a couple of pharmacies for Uni-Pharma T3 in the Greek part of Cyprus or for Tiromel T3 in the Turkish part.


Thanks Clutter, will try those tips.

I didn't hassle the firm at all last year - thinking it would be counter-productive - until November and then I've written, at first extremely politely and two people said they would send it. My email a few weeks ago wasn't so polite, although not rude, but still nothing.


Hi Tracer,

I think Marz said she can only get it on prescription in Crete. There are a few places in France. I can’t remember who posted which cities hopefully they will see your post.

I’d suggest Turkey too. Hopefully you’ll get on with the brand. I can email you the details of my Greek supplier. She’s expensive but justified for the efforts her staff have to go through. It’ll probably cost you less with money and energy. I’ve used her for like 5 years. Her service is better than Amazon !

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Yes please Ebony, could you send me her details thanks.


Hi Ebony, could I kindly ask you to send me the details of your Greek supplier? Much appreciated - Rebecca


Hi Ebony,

I have been using a contact in Crete for a while but this has went quiet. In some real need of T3 - Please if possible could you send me the contact. The price is not the issue. Its the supply


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