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Hi everyone I was just thinking,I wish there was somewhere you could hand in your unwanted medication to be reused it seems such a shame to hand it into the pharmacist for it to be destroyed,I have T3 that I had been given by my endio but unfortunately T3 doesn't work for me now I have it left over,seems to me to be such a waste,and thats only one medication,there have been lots more,and I'm sure lots of other people are the same,wish it could be sent abroad where people need medication,we must waste millions of pounds on stuff being thrown away


24. Do not post offers to sell or give away your unwanted medications or over the counter supplements. Some people may have adverse reactions to the ingredients in these and you may be held responsible. Similarly, do not post requests for meds or over the counter supplements from others.


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  • Dylandolly, Medicines returned to a pharmacy are destroyed for safety reasons. They may have become contaminated, deliberately or accidentally, or may have lost potency/effectiveness due to being stored in hot or humid conditions.

    I've edited your post to add a reminder that posting guidelines don't permit members to offer or request unwanted medication.

  • I wasn't offering them to anyone Clutter,I was watching something on tele a few days ago and that was one of the topic,about wasted meds,and if there could be a way to reuse them even sending them to poorer countries that could use them,I know you cant send medication on to anyone else

  • Dylandolly, I know you weren't offering but I wanted to make clear the guideline to members reading.

    If we don't recyle returned meds in the UK I don't think the safety of people in poor countries should be compromised by recycling them either.

  • yes I agree clutter but the programme I watched would like to find away to safely recycle them in this country and abroad and not compromise anyone

  • Gosh I know dylandolly,

    When my father in law died and we cleared his flat, I collected no less than a bursting big black bin liner full of various pills, creams, liquids, suppositories and got knows what else.

    It was embarrassing returning that lot to the pharmacist.

    However as Clutter says it wouldn't be safe to recycle meds.


  • I suggested to my MP that the pharmaceutical companies should make "sample packs" of medicines. I should imagine it happens to many others as has happened to me, the doctor wishes to change the medication, gives you a month's supply, after a few days you find you cannot get on with it, so the rest of the month's supply is thrown away whilst you get a prescription for an alternative medication. If they did sample packs for say 7 days, then you have wasted not so much if they have to be discarded. But as we do not have sample packs obviously nothing came of my suggestion, although he did write back to me to say it was a good one (obviously not good enough).

    Tongue in cheek here and NOT a real suggestion, but if the T3 were put down the toilet into the water system it might counteract the fluoride they add ;)

  • Or you put it in a pond. Its been found that it helps tadpoles turn into frogs really fast. :-)

    Unfortunately its illegal to offer or supply prescription meds unless you are a doctor licensed to dispense, or a pharmacist.

    Xx g

  • So it does make you put weight on then! (Sorry for sarcasm).

  • Haha Lilian the T3 in the water might just perk us all up,but seriously that would be a fantastic idea giving people sample packs,it would save a fortune and cut down on so much waste,they should give that serious consideration

  • I think it will never happen dylandolly because the pharmaceutical companies wont make so much profit.

  • yes your probably right Lilian,its all about money

  • It is good to keep our sense of humour though..........This has to be my giggle of the day..........a mental picture of all the wildlife in my pond with increased metabolism!!


  • I noticed on the television news from Greece that people were handing in unwanted medication to pharmacies to be given out to patients due to the crisis in the country. A doctor/pharmacist was checking through the medicines for date and to see if the packaging was damaged. (I don't think that I expressed that very well, but hey ho.)

  • yes that was what they wanted to do with the meds on the programme I watched

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