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Cytoplan - 100% Gluten free Vitamin supplements including ingredients derived from gluten

Hey guys

Just in case someone has been struggling like me to find supplements that are 100% gluten free (as in no gluten derived ingredients) as very sensitive like myself to things such as maltodextrin. I tried cytoplan and haven't reacted at all to any of theirs and they have very few fillers or extras in their ingredients. I even called customer services before I ordered and they were very helpful and asked what their trocopherols (vit e/vit d oils) were derived from and after a few short minutes, they came back and said sunflowers and not wheat germ etc.

Just thought it might be useful to someone else at some point in the future as took ages and a lot of wasted money plus many blisters to find some and knew of at least one other on this forum who had similar issues :-D

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I use some of Cytoplan's supplements. They frequently have 3 for 2 on selected products, and often across the board too. It's on all products at the moment, until 28th February.


Yes, I made full use of this offer - also got an introductory 20% off on top so wish I bought more but didn't want to risk lol! Glad to hear that they often do the 3 for 2s so thank you :-)


You'll probably get emails telling you about the offers. They seem to have had 3 for 2 across the board for a while now. I'm sure it was on before Christmas, and the current one started 1st January. Good products, British company, good service too.


Yes i was very impressed - answered immediately and very quickly got answers from the teams working there who would know when they couldn't answer. Ordered 4pm and arrived the next morning on normal delivery - fab. Don't think I would have got the same from sulgar or the like lol :-D


Saggyuk thanks for posting this information. I have been reacting to many chemicalsand supplements lately.

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Vieridian are also very pure and vegetarian


Thank you - will keep these in mind for back up - they seem to be good at stating where there ingredients are derived from too :-)


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