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Advice please!!

Hi everyone, I have signed up as I have some frustrations I would like to share?

I am 30 years old, female, and I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in Jan 2014, my face was starting to swell and I almost went into a coma. So when diagnosed I was put on 100mcg levothyroxine and for a short time I felt ok.

Over the years my levels went up and down, by August 2017 I was on 175mcg and I started to feel unsettled so I went for a blood test. My Free T4 levels then spiked so the doctor wanted to reduce me to 150mg but I wanted to stay on 175mcg for a bit longer since I didn't feel fully better. On return to the doctors 2 months later, my Free T4 went even higher so in November 2017 they reduced me to 150mcg/175mcg alternate days.

I have lost my self esteem, gained weight, feel cold all the time, periods I dread since they make me feel so tired. :( I have acne, mood swings, tiredness, almost no immunity whatsoever. Have also had "meltdowns" at work where I am under so much stress I get upset and also have a hard time recovering from upsets such as this and I am finding myself having to go off 1 or 2 times a day to have a good cry! :(

Feel like I am going mad! GP says TSH raised, Free T4 normal, Free T3 only just normal.

Advice welcome. Thankyou

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Can you get a copy of actual results along with lab ranges and post them on this forum? That way you will get the best advice. If you've had vitamins and thyroid antibodies tested, post those too along with the lab ranges.


Abbii u sound just like me in 28 and also hv the same symptoms as u..... bt if you put all ur results up im sure these ppl will help you im new to this 2 i have underactive thyroid hasimotos autoimmune disease it has taken me 2 years for them 2 diagnose me its allfull.... we will get through this! X


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