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Help with thyroid issues!


I was undergoing treatment for Cfs but I truly believe it is something to do with my thyroid...

I have been on thyroxine 25mg for about 10 years. During pregnancy I went up to 75mg and then afterwards went back down to 25. All blood tests show up as within normal range but something tells me that it is my thyroid that is causing symptoms of tiredness and lethargy and aches. Please can anyone advise on this or alternative traeatment with natural thyroid that had made a difference?

Thank you

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Hi Dee, you need to post your thyroid screen results with the reference ranges for to comment. 25mcg is a very small dose so your suspicions may have some merit.


I would imagine it is your thyroid. Treatment in the UK for thyroid issues is very poor and often what doctors think is good treatment is often very inadequate. 25mg is a start dose and not one you are likely to feel well on. We will be able togive you much better advice if your post your latest blood results. You are legally inititled to a copy of these. Also if your doctor has not done the following bloods it would be worth asking for, Ferritin, folate, vitamin d and vitamin B12 and in some places GPs will take your T3 levels as well as TSH and T4 when they do thyroid bloods so might be worth asking.

Also have a goodread around this forum looking at the hypothyroid posts. It will help bring you up to speed and help you realsie that you are not alone by any means.


Ok I will ask for them- whe. I have in the past, all results came back as normal.

I saw an endocrinologist who confirmed normal ranged of t3 and t4.

Do you think that despite me being on such a low dose, it can still cause he problems I've described. My thyroid obviously doesn't work optimimly as my dose went up In Pregnancy.



Normal is a very broad range. TSH 0.35 and TSH 4.20 are both normal in range 0.27 - 4.50 but the person with TSH 4.20 will be undermedicated. Where in range the results are matters. Post your results and ranges in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally dosed on 25mcg.


There is a good deal of discussion and disagreement about what consitutes a normal range. What is considered within range in this country would start someone on treatment in several others. It is quite a bug bear that the ranges are so wide in this country. A tsh of 3 or over is considerrred abnormal in America where as in this country a tsh of up to 5 and in some places 10 is considerred normal. Hormones are alsolike shoe sizes. What fits one person may not fit another yet all within normal foot size range.My blood havealways been within the normal range butIam unable to maintain a standing position if Imiss a dose of my thyroid hormones.


Thanks- I will post results when I get them this week.

Another thing, is eye fatigue and soreness a low thyroid symptom? I know dry eye is, but my eyes are also feeling fatigued, strained and heavy.. Wondered if it was a thyroid issue


thyroid hormones are in every cell of your bodys so when we don't have enough anything can go wrong. The description of your eyes feeling heavy and fatigued sounds thyroid. You would have a much better idea of thyroid or not if you had enough thyroid hormone prescribed. Maybe worth checking with an optician to rule out anything else.


Thank you xx


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