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Oestrogen and Levo


I believe a contraindication of Levothyroxine is Oestrogen, and I wondered if anybody (especially females on the combined pill) have noticed this effect their absorption of levo?

I've yet to get my hypothyroid under control - another blood test in march to see if I need to increase again from 75mcg, but I wondered if it could be due to my pill? I went to the health clinic to discuss my options and they want me to switch to the progesterone only pill, but I have hormonal acne and I know without the oestrogen my skin will go awful again :(

Any advice or experiences?


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Why not switch to a HRT patch. It’s safer as it’s not going through your liver. I’m on Evorel Conti 50 mg


Hi, I’m on Levothyroxine and the combined pill. It has never made a difference to me. I did try the progesterone only pill but my skin was awful and I had a constant period for three months!


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