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Help please, I am totally stuck where to get T3 now

Hi, everyone. A couple of weeks ago I placed an order for some more T3 with the company in Greece. Unfortunately, WU refunded my payment to the company, and wants me to fill in a form, asking me how I know these people that I am paying though WU, and what relation they are to me, etc. Has anyone else had this problem? I emailed the company for suggestions but they have not responded. I am fast running out of T3, and desperate to know where to get some more. My last lot of Mexican T3 proved not very effective.

I saw another endo three months ago, (yet again). He told me that I should increase my T3 and carry on buying it abroad. Can you believe it?

I saw my GP today to plead with him if at least I could have 1 month's supply of T3, to keep me going until I can manage to source some more. He said that he can't do that as it is not licenced and cannot be monitored. I told him that isn't true and that it is all about cost. He said he would talk to the surgery's clinical pharmacist and get back to me.

The endo told me that my cortisol is "a little low' but I have no idea what this means. How low is a little low? He wanted to do yet again another Synacthen test despite the fact that I had one last year which was awful as I felt like I had been kicked in the head and really thought I was going to die at the time. Still they have not given me any treatment for that either.

How ill does one have to be with thyroid and adlrenal probems to be treated on the NHS, I wonder?

Sorry for the rant, just getting it off my chest. I am not going for another Synacthen test, I told them that I am putting in a formal complaint about the Endo telling me to get my T3 from abroad and not providing me the range for all the various blood tests that he ordered on me, so that all I got are a whole lot of random figures for this and that which I cannot interpret or get help to interpret either. I have requested the lab ranges but to no avail.

Can someone please PM me about where I can get T3 besides Mexico and Greece and how to get around the problem of paying through WU?

Any other advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

All the best,


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I am very sorry you have been put in a predicament by the people who are supposed to be 'healers' .

I will close your post as it is not permitted on the open forum of where to source prescription medications but you will get private messages from those members who have the information.

It is a great stress and our researchers have proven that most need T4/T3 in order to get better.

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